Chapter 225
“What luck Erik!”

“Damn it!”

“You’re lucky!”

The Elders clamored once more, annoyed at this development. It would seem that the Elder in question was Erik Chavez, head of the Beast Peak! The Beast Peak was a strength-oriented path. Their initiates were strong and destructively powerful. The man on the field was obviously strength-attuned. No one had any reason to steal him away from Erik. Seeing the Beast Peak and Oriental Peak be able to recruit such great initiates had made the other Peak heads become more frantic. They would not let them continue on like this.

As the trial ended, the blue-haired girl was called over by Elder Lucia, while the man from Brass was heckled by Erik. Many stared at them with envy, even the initiates. There was a good chance they would become disciples, faring better than initiates.

The trials continued as usual. After a few rounds, only two had made nine rays of light. Not many were accepted as an initiate. Apart from the Oriental Peak and Beast Peak, the other Peak heads turned more and more serious. They never had any real expectations, to begin with, though they were envious of their colleagues' fine pickings.

Soon, Aiden began his trial. He only had three rays of light, the bare minimum needed to enroll.

“Next is you lot!” a man said, pointing to Zephyr. Zephyr’s batch was the last batch. Before them, many had gone, but only about ten or so of them had been made as an initiate. The competition was rough. Even though Zephyr did win out in the Tournament, and had the right to be an initiate, this test now would determine how he would be treated going forward.

Before anyone could move, Ricky Shafer quickly brushed past everyone. Going up with a heart full of confidence. He was not worried. He scored first in his Tournament. As Zephyr stood onto the field, the lights around began to move.

A crazy pressure came over him, crushing him. Zephyr could feel his muscles and tendons pop at the pressure. This made him uneasy, the pressure was too strong. No wonder that many were disqualified. Though, it was no threat to him!

Rays of light started to appear on the fighter’s body. As usual, one only required three rays of light to be made as an apprentice. “Hahaha!” a man laughed, feeling his body’s might as nine rays dashed around him. He would make an initiate. Zephyr frowned at the laughter. It was Ricky Shafer. He had not expected him to have this potential.

“Not bad!” a shady Elder said, nodding. Suddenly, another burst of light came from Ricky’s body. He had a total of ten now. Now, the Elders stared at him with suspicion and desire. It was a rare sight.

At the same time, a loud roar came, startling everyone. The sky became darker as a wave of light came over the field. It was Yang! The icy aura he emanated was unbelievable. “Good!” All the Elders had positive thoughts upon witnessing Yang’s potential. They all wanted to steal him away to be under them.

Zephyr did not mind what was happening around him. His body was already under immense pressure. As the lights entered his body, he could hear a sharp hum from his scales. His body’s electricity was resisting. They were unwilling to let the light enter.

‘Oh no!’ Zephyr thought as he felt his body’s reaction. If the light did not enter his body, there would be no way to know of his potential, no way to conjure the rays of light. “Ain’t that kid the winner of the Ahi Tournament? Why aren't there any rays coming out of him?” Someone from afar pointed out.

Zephyr’s strength was unquestioned, the Elders were aware. Especially after the fist that sent Ricky flying. Naturally, they were curious as to Zephyr’s inactivity. “Him?” the blue-haired girl piped up. She stood beside Lucia Pearson and carried a suspicious expression as well.

More and more light gathered in Zephyr’s body, making him wary of their intense pressure. Zephyr alone was taking on half the field’s pressure, though no one would know that. Under the immense pressure, Zephyr’s scales and Electrical powers started to yield. Finally, the lights started to flow throughout and around him.

‘Damn, it’s slow!’ he thought. The lights were taking their time as most of it was being resisted by his innate powers. He was not able to absorb as much as he thought he would.