Chapter 226
Zephyr frantically defended himself against the seemingly-endless attack. His stamina kept depleting while most of the other fighters in the square had already completed their talent test. Both Yang and Ricky had already caught the elders’ attention.

Zephyr felt like he was at his limit, when suddenly, the resistive power of the scales and Electrical powers finally lessened. He grabbed hold of this opportunity to absorb the light energy around him. In a blink of an eye, he absorbed a vast amount of light before he was once again suppressed by the Electrical powers. He had only managed to condense the light energy around him into two light beams.

If it was not for the fact that Zephyr had experienced it himself, he would have thought he was dreaming. This was because he knew it was impossible for him to only create two light beams after he had absorbed so much light energy!

“What? Only two?” The elders were surprised when he absorbed so much light, but it quickly turned into disappointment from the outcome. Two light beams would not even qualify him as an apprentice.

“The talent test has ended!” said one of the Academy initiates loudly.

Zephyr shook his head lightly while he resignedly stared at the two light beams outside the door. The decision was not his to make. The scales and Electrical powers he had were too strong as it expelled the light energy he absorbed.

The number of light beams represented the talent of the fighter. The fact that he was able to absorb a vast amount of light energy meant that he possessed a talent beyond anyone’s wildest imagination but alas, no one would believe him now after what happened.

“Haha! Only two light beams! Even trash can do better than you. Sucks to be you, Zephyr!” Ricky spoke with a triumphant smile. He was confident that he would surpass Zephyr in no time at all.

“Are you ok?” asked Yang with a concerned look on his face. He himself was shocked at Zephyr’s result. Was this the same Zephyr who managed to heavily injure the level five Agile Shaun Lee, when he himself was only a Strength fighter? Could it be that there was something wrong with the test result?

“Yeah, I’m ok,” answered Zephyr with a sigh. He was covered in sweat from the immense pressure he felt before and no doubt looked very fatigued in his current condition.

“The talent test has come to an end. Those who had less than three light beams, you will be asked to leave The Boundless Academy. However, those who produced more than three but less than eight light beams, you will become an apprentice. The rest of you, come with me!” ordered an Academy initiate coldly.

The Academy initiate then stared at Zephyr with a quizzical look on his face. How could it be? The previous winners of the Inter-city Tournament had at least eight light beams, how did Zephyr only manage to produce two? He could not fathom how a useless person like Zephyr managed to win first place in the Inter-city Tournament. ‘What a weirdo,’ he thought to himself.

‘This is unfair, but no matter, I'm still an Academy initiate. As long as I have that status, I’m sure I’ll receive superior training resources. It doesn’t matter if I gain recognition from the elders, as long as I have the Dragon’s Might and Electrical powers I can slowly make my way up,’ Zephyr thought while he walked along with the group until they arrived at the main hall.

The hall they walked in was huge and magnificent with spacious stairs on both sides. There was a slope in the middle that showed countless carvings on it. No one dared to behave disrespectfully there for there were many powerful energies that swirled about.

All the main peaks’ elders were already seated in the hall. Zephyr noticed the tense atmosphere when he stepped into the hall. All except the Oriental Peak’s and Beast Peak’s elders had a sombre expression on their faces due to the unhappy discussion they had before.

Their expression became even darker when they saw Yang, who had just entered the hall. From this behavior alone, it was obvious that they were discussing who would take him in as an apprentice. Jeremiah, the blue-haired girl, and Yang, all three of them did the best in the talent test. The former two had already been assigned to the Beast Peak and Oriental Peak respectively. Only Yang was up for grabs and not one of them was willing to let a talent as rare as him slip through their fingers.