Chapter 228
“Fine by me,” Lucia spoke with a smile.

“Me too!” said Erik with a nod.

“Yes, Yang should be assigned to Maxim,” said the Skydragon Peak’s elder.

“Then, he should take Zephyr as well!” Ethan countered this suggestion with an icy tone.

“How could you say something like this, Ethan? Maxim wouldn’t have ended up like this if it wasn’t for that accident.” Ethan’s words caused displeasure amongst the elders. Some of them even looked at him with murderous eyes.

“It’s only fair he should take Zephyr since he got Yang! Although Zephyr has the worst talent, he’s still the first place winner in the Inter-city Tournament. Are you suggesting we revoke his Academy initiate status? Besides, it would be more than fitting for you to take him in since it was your initiate who brought him here,” Ethan explained with a smile while he looked at Vert for he was the initiate that was mentioned.

The other elders agreed with what Ethan had said even though it was really uncalled for. They clearly understood that the elder would be the laughing stock of the world if he accepted Zephyr as an initiate. Ethan has always been at odds with Maxim, so it was natural for the former to use this opportunity to deal a blow to the latter.

“What say you, brother Maxim?” prodded Ethan.

Maxim slowly turned his gaze to look at Zephyr. It was not hard to guess that Maxim had no intention of accepting Zephyr as his disciple by his expressionless face and gloomy vibe.

“Fine!” Finally, Zephyr had become a true Academy initiate.

“Hmmph!” Lucia stared at Ethan with daggers before leaving the main hall with her initiates.

“That was too mean, even for you!” Erik said. Similar to Lucia, his eyes were just as judgemental before leaving the hall with his initiates.

“Let’s go too!” The elders left one by one with their initiates. It was obvious something had happened in the past which resulted in the elders being indebted to Maxim.

“You really don’t know when to stop, do you,” said a kind-looking elder.

“You’re one to say. Correct me if I’m wrong but your Spiritime Peak has recruited a lot of talented initiates this time, right?” said Ethan with a smile. Without waiting for him to answer he continued on, “I need to attend to some matters. I bid you farewell.” Then without any hesitation, he left the hall with his initiates. However, before leaving, he gave Zephyr a sinister smile.

‘I can’t believe he’s using me as some kind of tool for revenge,’ thought Zephyr unhappily. Although he had no idea what had transpired between Ethan and Maxim, he knew for sure Ethan was using him as a pawn. It was obvious that no one liked to be a pawn in anyone’s game.

“Please accept my apology on his behalf, Maxim,” said the kind-looking elder to Maxim as they both look at Ethan’s retreating figure.

“No harm was done,” Maxim replied in his ever-serene tone.

“You wouldn’t have ended up like this if you weren’t trying to save us. Even till now you still hadn’t fully recovered. It’s such a shame to see the mighty Supreme Peak end up like this. We are forever indebted to you,“ said the kind-looking elder with a sigh.

A weird expression flashed across Maxim’s face. It was gone just as quickly as it came. “Don’t worry about it,” he said. Then, left the hall with his initiates too.

“How could we not?” whispered the kind-looking elder at Maxim’s retreating figure.