Chapter 22
“Master Kerr sure is a lucky man… Who would’ve known such a great boon would befall him, I mean, draconic power! Master Kerr is definitely going to excel back home,” one of the guards lamented his jealousy. “Master Kerr will definitely be the new heir to the Winged Serpents, I mean come on! Draconic power! Who could top that?” the other replied. The first guard nodded in agreement and followed up excitingly, “Master Kerr likes us a lot doesn’t he? Maybe, when he becomes the patriarch, we’ll get special positions!” The two of them became more and more excited as they chatted away while fantasizing about their futures at Winged Serpents. They did not notice as a light blue gas cloud slowly drifted their way.

The gas was light, and easy to miss. It slowly wrapped itself around the two men. “What’s going on? I’m feeling real dizzy right now…” asked one of them while shaking his head. “Me too! It’s like my whole energy’s being drained…” The two men quickly regained themselves.

At this moment, a surge of energy came their way, and sliced through their necks. Before long, their necks opened up to bloody gashes, flesh blood being poured out from the cuts. Their lifeless bodies immediately fell to the ground. “Y-you…?!” Both of the men’s eyes widened at the young man who stood before them, a sly smile on his face. “H-how… are you… still alive?!” They could not believe it; two great Serpents lay there withering beneath a level six in Strength weakling. “Disappointed?” Zephyr asked playfully, he felt satisfied being able to see them lay before him like that.

Earlier, Zephyr had found a light blue flower that grew beside him — the Peace Lily. Many do not know of this herb's effects, but as Zephyr was once the ‘Pill King’, he knew of its capabilities. The Peace Lily was a strong herb that induced sleep in others. Just by using it, Zephyr rendered the abilities of two Strength of level eights to null.

“I have to act fast!” Zephyr rushed into the cave as he left the two lifeless bodies before him. Although the cave had looked small from the outside, inside, the cave was a whole new world. The cave was wide and dim, not much could be made out. However, any fighter above a Strength of level five would have had better senses than most; this darkness was nothing to Zephyr. It was dark and dank in the cave, most of its surfaces were moist and wet.

“Hmm?” After moving forward for about five minutes, something caught Zephyr’s attention, it raised his alarm. He quickly summoned Lightfoot and sprinted off without a second thought. A loud hiss rang out behind him, Zephyr turned to look and saw his would-be aggressor. Where Zephyr once stood, a large creature now took his place, it’s false face chittered nonstop. “A Pearl Spider!” Zephyr frowned at the sight before him. Pearl Spiders were dangerous creatures with ghostly white bodies, and lifeless black eyes. It hissed at Zephyr, which revealed prominent fangs as it’s saliva dripped onto the ground.