Chapter 232
Zephyr kept going through piles and piles of books.

Tornado Sword Skill. The force of a tornado. Once attained, the fighter would be able to summon a tornado bladed energy. Required points, 3,000.

Cobra Sword Skill. A set of tricky movements. Once attained, the fighter’s attack would become as fast and as poisonous as a cobra. Required points, 5,000.

Tsunami Sword Skill…

It seemed like there were more sword skills than other martial arts skills. Even so, many of these skills required more points.

Lightning Sword Skill. As fast as lightning. Must have a stable foundation. Required points, 3,000.

Zephyr knitted his brows together. So far, amongst the many sword skills, only this Lighting Sword Skill managed to capture his attention. This was because he knew he contained Electrical powers. It would be a cinch to learn this new skill.

“The Lightning Sword Skill eh? You have very good taste.” The old man chortled with laughter after saying that. He was sizing Zephyr up with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Your guidance is more than welcome,” said Zephyr with one hand over his fist.

“The power of the Lightning Sword Skill is shockingly strong. Its speed far surpasses all the other sword skills. Once attained, the fighter’s bladed energy will become electrified with the ability to tear everything apart.” There was a faint smile on the old man’s lips. “Awesome huh?”

“Definitely!” Zephyr nodded his head. He could not help but feel that there was something eerie about the old man’s smile.

“I think so too. Although this is a non-grade skill, I can guarantee its power is no lesser than the graded ones.”

“Really?” Zephyr could not wait to attain this skill.

“However, this skill is notoriously difficult to learn. Out of so many disciples, only a few managed to attain the skill. That’s why it’s only going for 3000 points,” explained the old man serenely while sneaking a glance at Zephyr.

Zephyr simply nodded his head. He knew all about this from the introduction on the book. One must have a strong enough body to avoid hurting oneself when learning the skill.

Even at that cost, Zephyr still did not have enough points. He let out a small sigh. This Lightning Sword Skill was perfect for him! If only he had more points.

“Thank you for your advice, sir. I will come back for this skill once I’ve gotten enough points.” Zephyr then bowed and left with a smile.

“Young people nowadays are too cocky. I’ve already warned him not to choose this skill,” muttered the old man while shaking his head. He did not hold high hopes for Zephyr at all.

‘I only need to get another two thousand points. I must attain such a powerful skill!’ thought Zephyr. He did not go back to Supreme’s Peak after leaving The Library, but instead, headed straight towards another direction.

After walking for an hour or so, he arrived in front of a large hall — the Hall of Trials. The Hall of Trials was one of The Boundless Academy’s important places that Vert had told him about where one could accept quests to gain points upon completion.

There were many disciples going in and out of the large hall. Many of them had some kind of beast’s pearls and exotic flowers in their hands which would be used to complete their quest. It was obvious they had successfully completed their quest.

After observing for a while, Zephyr made up his mind to go inside the Hall of Trials. The interior of the large hall was very spacious and there were many Jade Talismans that floated mid-air near the front. Each of the Jade Talisman emitted a mysterious light and there were words engraved on them which were projected on a screen. The texts were revealed to be the content of the quest. The available quests would keep on moving around on the screen until they become claimed by someone.

There were a total of ten screens in the hall, each displayed different quests with their level of difficulties. The deeper one walks inside, the more difficult the quest will be, while similarly the more points one will get from it. For example, the screen on the innermost location of the hall was for a quest for Phoenix blood with a payout of a billion points. However, it would be close to impossible to find a Phoenix. There was another quest with a billion points payout — kill the Infernal Snake.

Zephyr started to break out in cold sweat when he saw these dangerous quests. He read through the quests one by one and decided to choose a quest from the first screen for they were the easiest. The quests from the first screen were basically meant for the newbies to quickly gain some points for leveling up. However, before Zephyr could accept a quest, it disappeared right in front of his eyes. Someone had beaten him to it!

“Sh*t, I was too slow. I wonder when the new quests will be updated,” said a disciple who stood next to him with a sigh. Zephyr was equally frustrated. There was only one quest left on the screen. However, it was an odd one — farming. The payout was a hundred points and Zephyr had nothing against that. Accepting a quest was as easy as running his true energy across the quest bar.

“Haha, I can’t believe you accepted a farming quest. You must be a noob,” said a young man who was in charge of registering the quests with a smile.

“It doesn’t sound like a hard quest and the payout seems reasonable. Why shouldn’t anyone accept it?” Zephyr asked back quizzically.