Chapter 233
“You’re right, this quest is not difficult at all and will refresh itself every three hours. It’s just a little troublesome. You’ll find out why soon enough,” replied the apprentice.

Zephyr’s curiosity has been piqued. He arrived at the quest’s location. It was a very spacious farmland with sufficient primordial energy. There were many other disciples working on the land as well. An old man that wore a waistcoat currently sat under a pavilion, drinking tea. He was obviously enjoying himself.

“Welcome, young man,” said the old man with a kind smile.

“Elder, I have come to do my quest,” said Zephyr.

“Yes, I know. All the disciples here have come for the quest. You see that field over there? You’ll be in charge of that area. Your quest is to till ten acres of the field. You can grab the tools from there. Go now.” The old man then waved him away.

Zephyr left for the field once he found a suitable hoe for himself. He discovered the field to be different from normal farmland for it glowed lustrously. He could sense a strong aura that rippled up from the depth of the field. He activated his true energy and started to till the land.

A light accompanied by a bang burst out of the area where the hoe met the ground. Zephyr felt a numbing shock course through his entire arm. “Wow. This ground is harder than metal!” His lips began to twitch when he saw the little scratch on the ground. He then looked around to discover everyone else faced the same problem as him. The stronger ones kept on hacking on the ground with their forceful true energy.

Zephyr exhaled deeply. He finally understood why not many people were willing to accept this quest. It was too tiring!

However, this was still nothing to him. He activated his true energy again and a light flashed across on top of his hoe.

With this little change, he could easily and quickly till the ground.

“Huh?” The old man, who still perched under the pavilion drinking his tea, widened his eyes when he saw Zephyr till the ground with a speed akin to lightning. The speed! The power! It was at least five times more than the average fighter. Not to mention how neat he was when it came to the organization of the land.

“This kid’s fast, too fast!” the corners of his lips twitched as he spoke. The other disciples all looked at Zephyr as if he was a monster. It took them all they had to till the ground, yet Zephyr made it seem so effortless.

Four hours later, Zephyr continued on with wondrous speed.

“He can’t be human!”

“Yeah! It’s impossible. I bet he’s not a newbie. No newbie will possess such terrifying true energy.”

“He should be ashamed of himself! Fighting over a quest like this with the newbies.”

The disciples’ eyes were still wide with shock as they looked at Zephyr depressingly.

“This is no ordinary kid. He managed to get into The Boundless Academy by only being a Strength of level nine. He’s really powerful!” said the old man at the pavilion with his eyes half-closed.

Zephyr returned back to the Hall of Trials.

“Huh? Have you finished your quest?”

“Yeah!” said Zephyr with a nod. He then showed him the proof of completion given to him by the old man.

“Oh wow! So you did. How did you manage to complete it so fast?”

Zephyr chose to ignore his question. He looked towards the quest screen again once 100 points had been transferred into his ring. Coincidentally, there was a new farming quest which Zephyr accepted without hesitation.

One time. Two times. Three times. He accepted the new farming quest as soon as he completed the previous one so much so he had become a regular at the farmland. Many of the disciples had already become used to his speed. Although the payout was not too bad, compared to the higher-level quests, it could still be found wanting. The other disciples started to ridicule Zephyr for accepting such a low-level quest with his status of an Academy initiate.

Three days passed and Zephyr had already completed the farming quest twenty times. He had accumulated exactly two thousand points, combined with the previous one thousand points, he would finally be able to learn the Lightning Sword Skill.

“I’ve already transferred the points to you. Do you want to accept the same quest again?” asked the disciple.