Chapter 234
“No thanks!” He did not want to waste anymore time in completing quests now that he had enough points. At the thought of the Lightning Sword Skill’s power, he quickly ran to The Library without hesitation.

Not long after Zephyr had left the Hall of Trials, a man slowly emerged from the shadows while he stared vehemently at Zephyr’s retreating figure.

“Haven’t I told you before, to not bother me unless it’s important?” Ricky calmly asked Aiden. His eyes were filled with arrogance and derision. As an Academy initiate of Cloudemon Peak, he had advanced rapidly in his training. In a span of a few short days, he was now on the verge of leveling up to an Agility of level four. Aiden might be a prince outside of The Boundless Academy, but here he was only an apprentice so it was only natural for Ricky to treat him as such.

Aiden’s expression changed drastically at Ricky’s questioning. He still could not shake the bitterness from his heart when he was forced to give him the Skygold Divine Pill. He was sure Ricky’s advancement had something to do with the pill. His heart became even more bitter when he realized he got the short end of the stick in the agreement.

“I’ve been secretly following Zephyr around these few days. Apart from completing the farming quest, he did nothing else,” said Aiden, tempering down his anger by reminding himself constantly that Zephyr was his number one enemy.

“Huh! Although we’re both Academy initiates, Zephyr cannot be better when compared to me. You saw how he did at the talent test too! I’ll definitely kill him once the opportunity presents itself.” Ricky’s face turned darker at the thought of how Zephyr had humiliated him.

Zephyr had no idea of the conversation that transpired between the two. Although, he would not be bothered either if he knew that these two were conspiring something menacing. All Zephyr could think about now was learning the Lightning Sword Skill as quickly as possible .

“Are you sure you want to exchange your points for the Lightning Sword Skill?” asked the old man at The Library. Although he was curious at how Zephyr managed to accumulate so many points in the span of three days, his curiosity was overtaken by his shock at Zephyr’s choice. He felt he had wasted his breath in advising Zephyr.

“Yes, sir!”

The old man became a little upset when he saw the determination on Zephyr’s face. “It’s crazy how young people think these days. You still want to learn this skill after what I’ve told you? Fine! I won’t stop you then.” He then deducted three thousand points from Zephyr’s ring immediately and removed the Prohibition on the Lightning Sword Skill.

“Bring it back to me after two hours!”

“Thank you, sir!”

Zephyr then took the Lightning Sword Skill book into the Enlightenment Room. It was very quiet inside as there was already a disciple sitting there, trying to comprehend the martial art skill. Zephyr, too, quickly sat down on a cushion on the floor and flipped open the book. Immediately, his eyes absorbed the words easily, and with his photographic memory, he memorized everything within a blink of an eye. After a few minutes, Zephyr had memorized all the training. For safety measure, he only left after reading it a few more times to ensure he memorized everything.

“Have you memorized it all?” asked the old man, shocked at how fast Zephyr came back to return the book. He began to question how Zephyr managed to pass with flying colors. “Huh! You’ll surely come to regret choosing this sword skill!” said the old man as he sealed the book with Prohibition once again.

“I thank you for your concern,” said Zephyr with a small smile and left The Library. He was in a hurry to go back to Supreme Peak. Ever since he joined The Boundless Academy, he found himself to have not trained at all. Were he to compare to the other disciples who had joined at the same time, he had wasted much time. Therefore, he decided that he should use his time wisely from now on.

He started the Lightning Sword Skill training as soon as he got back to his room. Using his sword intent, he could cut down the training time for any sword skill by half. Relying on his memory, Zephyr studiously tried to comprehend the sword skill. Soon, he entered the zone to work hard when he trained.

Suddenly, accompanied by the humming of a sword, his body erupted with a supreme sword intent. This sword intent felt very domineering, as if it could tear everything apart. This was of course Zephyr’s invincible sword intent! Further into his training, one after another, boundless bladed energy swarmed around him as he carried on with his work.