Chapter 235
The room quickly filled up with a series of bladed energy imbued with lightning. The air started to crackle as the lightning bladed energy shot across the room. He viewed himself holding a sword that appeared in his Spirit Realm. He swung the sword around which erupted with lightning-bladed energy from time to time. The bladed energy became more and more powerful as Zephyr’s movement quickened from its pace. It was as if he was completely surrounded by an ocean of bladed energy. His movements were blurred and had a shadow effect as he moved around in his Spirit Realm.

Zephyr woke himself up from the world in his Spirit Realm. He was trembling with happiness! His spirit energy was now strong enough for him to create a virtual world in his Spirit Realm in which he could then easily carry out his Lightning Sword Skill training. During his first session, to his delight, he found that the Lightning Sword Skill was way more powerful than he initially thought.

Although he was mentally prepared for the training to be difficult, he realized he had underestimated just how powerful this Lightning Sword Skill was. To simply put it into perspective, the Lightning Sword Skill solely relied on speed. The more the speed, the more powerful the skill would be. Every movement speed of the Lightning Sword Skill was incomparable to normal sword skills. With the Lightning Sword Skill, he would be able to land a hundred attacks by the time it took a fighter with normal sword skill to land ten sword attacks. The term ‘need for speed’ would be well fitted for what Zephyr is trying to achieve right now. Once this Lightning Sword Skill reaches the level of Enlightenment, it would be even faster than lightning.

According to Zephyr’s understanding right now, the Lightning Sword Skill was divided into four levels. The first was speed, which also happened to be the easiest level to attain but still out of reach for many fighters. This was because one would need a very strong body to withstand the speed to avoid being swallowed up by the bladed energy. This was why the old man at The Library tried to talk Zephyr out of learning this skill. Luckily, through his Dragon’s Way training, he has bulked his body to withstand attacks like these and is incredibly strong. It was as if this skill was meant to be his to attain.

The second level was sharpness. One must not only be fast, but one should also possess enough force to cut through anything. Speed without sharpness would not be enough to take out any opponent. So one must also comprehend the sharpness of the Lightning Sword Skill. Once comprehended, the scattered bladed energy would condense on one point, creating an unimaginable lethality.

The third level was strength, this meant the tempest of the bladed energy. At the highest speed, a large amount of bladed energy would be condensed. This would then form a bladed energy tempest which could then be aimed at the opponent with death being the inevitable result. At this level, one would be unassailable.

The fourth and final level was lightning, which was the reason for the skill to have its name. At this level, the fighter would be able to easily summon a terrifying amount of lightning-bladed energy.

‘The four levels of this skill are amazing! No wonder it has been categorized as a contended to graded skills. However, I must admit the training is taking a lot out of me. I should make my body stronger!’ thought Zephyr.

Only a few handfuls of fighters would be able to meet the speed requirement of this skill. For example, it was normal for a person to finish a hundred-meter sprint in nine seconds, but it would take a person of unimaginable athlete prowess to reach the finish line in three, or even one second.

While undergoing the Lightning Sword Skill training, Zephyr did not forget to also strengthen his body with the Dragon’s Might. Even at his current strength, he was not a hundred percent confident he would be able to perfectly execute the Lightning Sword Skill. He was uncertain if he would be able to prevent himself from getting hurt during his training. After some time, Zephyr finally comprehended the first level of the Lightning Sword Skill. What would have taken others months to comprehend only took him a few days.

“Second level — sharpness, here we go!” Zephyr stood up and walked out of the door.