Chapter 236
Zephyr sparkled like a well-sharpened arrowhead. Within a short amount of time, six bladed energies immediately followed with a swing of his sword. His progress was truly remarkable for such a short time. When the bladed energies landed a cut across a boulder, the exposed surface was as smooth as glass.

He took in a deep breath. That was his first time using the Lightning Sword Skill. The speed was astonishingly fast. Every nerve on his body had tightly wounded itself. It took some time before he felt himself relaxing once more. “What an over-domineering power!” Zephyr spoke as he looked at the sword in his right hand. There were a few red lines that ran across the sword. It was probably affected by the speed of the attack too.

However, he did not mind so much for this was his first time trying out a new skill. He would surely improve with time. He rested for a while before continuing on with his training. His bladed energies flashed around quickly, just like the wind, he was moved at lightning speed. The speed of the attack was ten times the speed of his previous skill — Seven Slash.

As the bladed energies flickered, one could clearly perceive that a dreadful aura had enveloped it, enhancing the sword aura's attack power. The bladed energies were like the ocean, vast and endless. The most astonishing wonder was that this ocean of bladed energies happened to be as fast as the sound of light.

Suddenly, Zephyr’s bladed energies quickened its pace and became more powerful and majestic than before! Draken, his sword, gave out a true dragon’s roar as it absorbed series after series of Electrical power that further enhanced its bladed energy power.

At this moment, all of Zephyr’s power seemed to be integrated into the bladed energies. In the end, the bladed energy continued to condense, forming a huge ball of light with lightning shooting out of it.

A loud sound erupted again. Immediately, Zephyr swung his sword and the condensed ball of bladed energy shot out. Under Zephyr’s extremely shocking gaze, a terrible airwave rippled across his surroundings. Suddenly, there was a constant vibration in the air which enveloped everything as far as his eyes could see. Then, silence ensued.

“Wow! That’s a truly terrifying attack!” Zephyr breathed out abruptly, breaking the silence. He was deeply impressed by the power of the bladed energy. The increase of sword power was beyond his wildest imagination. The Lightning Sword Skill was true to its name and was highly compatible with his Electric power. The combination of these two forces made the Lightning Sword Skill even more powerful than anyone could have thought possible.

“The Lightning Sword Skill is not only powerful, but it has the ability to temporarily stun the opponent. Once the attack lands on them, they would surely lose consciousness. It’ll be a walk in a park to kill my opponents within half a second now that I know the third-level attack. Although... My attack does seem to be a little different from what was described in the book.”

Due to Zephyr’s Electrical powers, the third-level attack had evolved into a more powerful strike. "It would take some time before I fully comprehend the fourth level for it requires a certain level to support it. Unless I can break through to the Agility level, it’ll be difficult for me to reach the fourth level, for now..."

For now, Zephyr was already very satisfied with the third level of this sword skill.