Chapter 237
Endless bladed energy gathered on the sword before it shot out like lightning, destroying everything in its path. Zephyr stood with his sword vertically against the ground and exhaled deeply. After further training, he had perfectly mastered the Lightning Sword Skill and also managed to comprehend the final level.

The last level of Lightning Sword Skill required the fighter to imbue his sword with his true energy to create a whirlwind-like bladed energy. The bladed energy was akin to a sharp sword and its power was extremely terrifying. In fact, if Zephyr did not possess the Electrical power and trained under the Dragon’s Might, he probably would not be able to learn the fourth level with him being only a Strength of level nine.

“Having Electrical powers is definitely an uncommon ability. The Lightning Sword Skill really became more powerful when combined with it. I dare say I can even paralyze an Agility of a level five fighter in about ten attacks or so.” Of course, what Zephyr had said was just a conservative estimate. Under normal circumstances, it will only usually naturally take a couple of attacks to paralyze an ordinary fighter.

It was safe to say that the attack would only become more powerful when Zephyr progressed to another level. By then, even a simple flick of his wrist should be able to affect the opponent’s body. He started to think back about the Lightning Sword Skill attack and was about to go back to his training when he was disrupted. A shockwave suddenly came from inside Supreme Peak and it completely covered the peak. This was usually used as a signal to summon all the disciples.

“Why would they ask us to gather now? Did something happen?” Zephyr muttered to himself as he frowned. He quickly made his way back to the main hall. His Thunderfoot had become faster after a deeper comprehension. It was to the extent that he was able to cover a distance of ten meters with a step.

The sound of bodies shuffling and making their way could be heard all around him as he made his way back to the main hall. This included Vert as Zephyr bumped into the older man on his way to the hall.

“Long time no see, Zephyr!” Vert spoke with a smile.

“Indeed it has. Do you know why we were summoned?” Zephyr curiously.

“If I guessed correctly, it should have something to do with the martial art competition between all the main peaks. Every time the main peaks recruit new disciples, they will hold a competition to see if there are any shortcomings and to see who will come out the winner.”

They were making their way as they spoke to each other, catching up on one another's lives. Soon, they arrived back at the main hall which had already been filled to the brim with disciples. Apart from the others who were still trying to complete the quest from the Hall of Trials and could not make it back in time, most of the disciples that were present made up to a total of thirty or so people.

The number of disciples for Supreme Peak was laughable. It was obvious Supreme Peak was the lowest of the low amongst the other peaks. It was no wonder that Maxim wanted to get his hand on Yang. Maxim could be seen conversing with Dewey, and there was a trace of anger on the former’s face. He was certainly in no good mood. Yang stood next to Maxim with the same expressionless face as his master. His eyes flashed when he noticed Zephyr and promptly nodded at him.

Zephyr smiled back as an acknowledgment and started to analyze Yang’s progress. At this moment, it was obvious that Yang was trying his best to suppress his aura. However, Zephyr could tell how powerful he had gotten just by the true energy that rippled out of his body.

‘He seems to have progressed a lot!’ thought Zephyr with admiration. Judging by the strength of Yang’s rippling aura, he was now an Agility of level two, bordering on to level three. All this in the span of one month. It was truly remarkable and Zephyr could not help but be blown away by the power of the Ancient Draconic bloodline.

Maxim’s mood worsened when he noticed Zephyr. He could easily sense any fighter’s level and when he realized that Zephyr had not progressed beyond a Strength of level nine, he felt frustrated. This was because Zephyr and Yang had come in at the same time and Yang was already close to an Agility of Three.