Chapter 239
“Thank you, Brother Vert, but there’s no need. I’ll get the points through completing quests. This will give me the chance to use my skills too.” It was only recently that Zephyr had successfully attained the Lightning Sword Skill. He had not used it in a real battle before so he wanted to use this opportunity to test it out.

“Good thinking. Well, the offer would be available for you whenever you need it then,” Vert spoke as he patted Zephyr’s shoulder.

Zephyr was deeply touched by the unity between the Supreme Peak’s disciples. After all, points are very important and it was not everyday someone would be so willing to offer their points. He planned to improve himself as much as possible within two months.

Once again, he found himself to be in the Hall of Trials. It seemed like the news of the martial art competition spurred on many disciples as he discovered the hall to be filled with them.

“You again,” said the disciple in charge of the quests jokingly.

He nodded at the person in charge and then focused his attention on the screens. This time, he would not accept any farming quests anymore. He would need a quest that possesses higher difficulty so that he could quickly improve himself.

“Level Three Quest — Kill Thunderbolt Snake. Each Thunderbolt Snake will get you two hundred points.” Zephyr nodded his head with satisfaction. Thunderbolt Snake is a tier-two beast with a speed akin to an Agility level fighter, making it hard to catch. It also has the ability to release thunderbolts from the tip of its tail. After some consideration, Zephyr decided to accept the quest.

“Are you sure you want to accept this quest?” said the disciple in charge of the quest with an odd expression on his face. Although the Thunderbolt Snake is classified as a tier-two beast, its speed was more of a three-tier beast’s power. Coupled with its poisonous bite, even an Agility of level five would find it hard to come out of a face-off alive.

“Yes, I’m sure,” confirmed Zephyr.

The Thunderbolt Snake is a common ingredient in many medicinal pills, so Zephyr was familiar with its habits. He was sure the Thunderbolt Snake would be no match for his Thunderfoot that was imbued with Electrical powers. Therefore, he knew that this quest was nothing too difficult for him. He left Supreme Peak after accepting the quest. He planned to maximize each second to the fullest during these two months.

The Thunderbolt Snake’s habitat was somewhere deep in the jungle. It preferred to live in dark, humid places, and eat other beasts as food. So, that was how Zephyr ended up in a dark jungle near The Boundless Academy. The dark jungle was so thick with trees that no light could penetrate the ground.

Streams of light shout out from the rune between Zephyr’s brows and it spread across the jungle as soon as he entered it. His vision was blocked by many trees, so he had no choice but to sense movement using his Electrical powers. At this moment, anything that happened within a radius of a hundred miles would not escape his notice. It was a really handy ability for him right now. Moreover, with an increase of his level, the radius he could sense for things would increase as well.

He called this ability Lightning Sense for its likeness was to a Lightning God that would be able to perceive everything under the heavens. With enough power, he would even be able to sense all that happens under the ground. Zephyr’s speed sped up even more with the release of Lightning Sense. After an hour or so, he detected something that made his expression change.

A light erupted from between his eyes and the next moment he had already turned into a trail of light that rushed to the desired destination. He released a bladed energy from Draken which felled a giant tree in front of him. He felt a weak snake hiss that came from inside the tree as it fell. A shadow shot out from the exposed tree interior that was aimed straight for him.

He had finally found a Thunderbolt Snake.