Chapter 23
Although the Pearl Spider’s attack capabilities were mediocre, its speed was alarmingly quick, often attacking in groups, even other beasts feared them. ‘These Spiders prefer to ambush in groups, so why is there only one?’ Zephyr thought as he quickly scanned the room for answers. The answer came in the eight or so Spider carcasses that littered the cave floor. It was obvious they had been cut down by a great blade. ‘It would seem Kerr did away with them, that blade of his sure is something…’ Zephyr grimly thought.

Zephyr let out an Earth-shattering fist, smashed the Spider to a pulp before he quickly picked up his pace. He summoned Lightfoot once again to ease his journey. After about 10 minutes of swift steps, Zephyr stopped, but not on his own accord. A large gust of energy had come suddenly, it crushed Zephyr’s fortitude, and halted his progress. The pressure felt like a waterfall had come upon him, putting great force upon Zephyr, outright stopping him in his tracks. Fortunately, Zephyr reacted in time and quickly evoked the Might to stabilize himself. ‘What’s going on?’ Zephyr thought, fear crept into his mind. He wondered where this sudden burst of power had come from.

Suddenly, a loud roar echoed from the deeper parts of the cave and rattled the cave walls. It was a dragon’s roar. Carried with it was a sense of pride and prejudice; none were of its equal. Zephyr shuddered at the sound. Feeling the cusp of this draconic power, the Way changed drastically, and sped up on its evoking process, it dispersed the crushing pressure Zephyr felt. “I feel it… this is draconic energy!” Although Zephyr had not personally encountered draconic energy, the changes that the Way went through quickly made him realize what was happening. Only draconic power could trigger this Might in such a way.

Zephyr launched himself forward — with the help of Lightfoot — sped towards the destination with ease. All the while, the draconic roar repeatedly came and went as it rattled the cave from within. Zephyr was anxious, all that occurred so far was sound and yet such power had been felt. Draconic power once again showed just how superior it was. Having the Might enhancing himself, Zephyr’s skills improved tenfold, he travelled faster than he had before.

‘Hahaha… this is draconic power! Unstoppable! Unbeatable! I must have it before Kerr does!’ Zephyr thought to himself, briefly entertained by the idea of Kerr achieving it before he did, one that turned into a terrible idea thereafter. Before long, Zephyr found Kerr, Ouroboros Blade in hand as he cackled. Kerr’s laugh was full of delight and satisfaction. Seeing this, Zephyr masked his energy signatures and hid, his plan was to observe what was happening first.

The space in front of Kerr was nothing but empty, save for a golden ray of light, roaring every now and then. This ray of light was meager, and only a foot in length, but the energy it expelled was great and powerful. The room in which it rested vibrated with each roar, its effects were seen in the many cracks of the cave wall.

“What power! The closer I get, the more I feel my insides vibrate with each roar… if it weren’t for the Way, I may not have gotten so far…” Zephyr felt uneasy. “And yet… Kerr doesn’t know the Way... or does he? How’s he able to overcome such crushing pressure?”