Chapter 240
Zephyr was not fazed by the Thunderbolt Snake. With a quick swing of his sword, he managed to cut the snake into two with his lightning-fast bladed energy. The snake continued to writhe in pain as it prepared to shoot out the poison from its mouth.

“Die!” Zephyr swung his sword again and a bladed energy came out within half a second. The bladed energy enhanced with Electrical powers was so strong that it completely turned the snake into dust, with only the tip of the tail intact. He must preserve the tail for that was where the Thunderbolt Snake’s pearl was stored.

“One down. Two hundred points gained.” Zephyr kept the tail inside the Loot ring. Although it seemed as if Zephyr had killed the snake with no effort at all, it would be perceived differently for other fighters. The Thunderbolt Snake was very adept at keeping itself hidden, and not many people could easily find it. Even if they managed to find one, they would certainly be ambushed by its lightning-fast speed. However, Zephyr had no reason to fear the Thunderbolt Snake as he had a strong spirit energy and sword skills. Without wasting any more time, he bolted deeper into the jungle to look for more snakes.

Two days passed in a blink of an eye. Zephyr showed no signs of slowing down as his bladed energy was still as fast and as sharp as ever. There seemed to be an unstoppable momentum in the tempest storm formed by the bladed energy.

Another Thunderbolt Snake was struck down by Zephyr. “Man, these snakes really know where to hide! It’s getting harder to find them even with my Lightning Sense. It’s as if they've sensed the impending danger and so they hide more deeply. I’ve only managed to kill a total of six snakes in the span of two days. That’s only one thousand two hundred points!”

Usually, finding six Thunderbolt Snakes in two days was an astonishing feat in itself for a newbie. However, Zephyr was not satisfied with the number for the points he had now would only be enough for two hours in the Tower of Primordial Energy. Nothing great could be achieved in such a short time.

Zephyr took out some food from the Loot ring to replenish his energy. He started to think about what he should do while he ate. The Thunderbolt Snake was just too good at hiding and at the speed he was going, it would take him many more hours to accumulate enough points.

Suddenly, he heard a terrible explosion along with angry shouts.

“Huh? Sounds like there’s a fight nearby.” He quickly finished eating his bread and walked in the direction of the explosion. Soon after, he arrived at one of the thickest parts of the jungle, which also happened to be the scene where a fight was taking place.

There was a group of five who engaged in a battle with a beast. The beast was around five or six meters long, and its tall body was densely packed with razor-sharp spines. Its limbs were well-developed, while its sharp claws glinted with poison under the cold light. Its tongue was as sharp as the tip of a spear.

‘It’s a Sword Dragon, a tier-three beast!’ thought Zephyr with a deep chill in his heart. The Sword Dragon had spines as sharp as a sword and was an extremely fast creature. Although its tongue looked soft, it was in fact sharper than its spine. There was no way for an ordinary fighter to take it down.

The group was made up of four men and one woman. The lone woman had blue hair which shone with lustrous light. The aura she emitted was extremely powerful as she released streams of true energy while combating the Sword Dragon.

One of the men flicked his wrist and shot out a strong punch at an unimaginable speed. As the man's fist slammed out, it was as if the punch had landed directly at the Sword Dragon for it was pushed back ten steps or so. The punch was so powerful that even the spines on its body had been completely decimated. The remaining three men looked to be a bit weaker. They could only attack from a distance nearby, causing a little bit of damage here and there.

‘It’s her!’ thought Zephyr, surprised at bumping into the blue-haired girl here.