Chapter 242
Leonard’s movements were minute, but in an instant, ten-bladed energy shot out towards Zephyr. The ten-bladed energy was a force to be reckoned with and left no room for doubt. This attack did not intend on leaving any survivors. Witnessing this, Zephyr thought it was an overkill and could not help but give out a cold scoff.

To him, it was normal to bump into others in the forest. There was no need to act this rashly even though it was true that he had kept himself hidden all this while. By acting like this, it was obvious Leonard was trying to show off his power and did not deem Zephyr’s life to be of any importance. It had always been Zephyr’s style to give an attitude to people like this.

“Lightning Sword Skill!” shouted Zephyr as he pulled out his sword. Immediately, countless bladed energy as powerful as the crackling electricity erupted from his sword. That skill was as over domineering as Zeus himself!

Soon, the two fighters' bladed energy collided against each other and the terrifying attacks took out the surrounding flora and fauna. Zephyr had come out from his hiding spot and stared coldly at Leonard. There was no denying that Leonard was powerful, but Zephyr would not back down from him.

“Huh? It’s you,” said Erin with an interested expression on her face. Her previously dull eyes flashed when she saw Zephyr. As for Leonard, he did not expect Zephyr to be able to deflect his attack that easily. This was because that attack had taken half of his energy. His face turned dark and cold when he saw Erin’s change of attitude.

“Erin, do you know him?” he asked her in a low voice.

“Yes, we came from the same Dynasty and we’re also the new apprentices of the Supreme Peak,” replied Erin with a blossoming smile on her face.

Erin’s smile filled Leonard with jealousy and he immediately turned to Zephyr with contempt. “Since you’re the Supreme Peak’s apprentice, why did you hide yourself? Were you spying on us?” His eyes became cold and his aura enveloped Zephyr as if he would jump on him for the slightest of transgression. Leonard had never seen this kind of smile on Erin's face for as long as he had been courting her. He could not believe that a punk like Zephyr could bring out this kind of smile from her so naturally. The more Leonard thought about it, the more jealous he became.

“I heard a commotion here so came over to take a look,” replied Zephyr calmly and without any emotions. He was really pissed at the way Leonard spoke to him.

“I know him! He was there for the talent test too. He’s the only one who managed to get into the Academy with a Strength of level nine. A totally useless guy!” said an apprentice who stood next to Clay. He insulted Zephyr while a sense of superiority.

“Oh, so you’re the guy who only shot out two light beams and still managed to be an initiate. Lady Luck must have been feeling generous that day” mocked Leonard. He had heard about what happened at the talent test too. The way he looked at Zephyr now was akin to the way someone would look at an ant. He had recovered from his shock after attributing Zephyr’s ability to deflect his attack to luck. The derision in his eyes became heavier at the thought of that.

“What are you doing here?” asked Erin with curiosity.

“To earn points by completing quests,” answered Zephyr honestly. There was no need to lie about that.

“My quest is to eradicate a group of bandies. This is a team quest, do you wanna join?” asked Erin with eyes filled with anticipation.

Seeing her like this, Leonard became more agitated. “Erin, leave it to me to destroy the bandits. Some of them are of the Agility level, so I don’t think a useless Strength level would be able to handle them.” He was obviously referring to Zephyr when he said that.

“Ok, count me in,” Zephyr replied as he ignored Leonard.

“You punk! There’s no need to act all tough! This quest is very dangerous. My brothers will be joining as well. There’s no guarantee we’ll be able to protect your life should you join us,” shouted Leonard fiercely.

“I’m fine with that,” said Zephyr with a calm smile.

“Then that settles it. Leonard, there’s no need for you to join us. We’ll take our leave here. Goodbye,” said Erin, equally as calm. Then, without waiting for his reply, she left with Zephyr.

Staring at their retreating figures, Leonard’s expression changed drastically. He could have taken his pick of any girl from the bunch, but no, he deemed Erin to be worthy enough as his partner. “That b*stard!” He shouted as the jealousy in his heart intensified.

“What should we do now, Leonard?” They all looked at him for answers.

“The current Supreme Peak is no match for our Feather Peak!”

“We should steal this quest from that b*stard by eradicating the bandits first! How dare a Strength level fighter disrespect us like that! He must have a death wish!”