Chapter 243
“Brothers, we should not do anything that could anger the Supreme Peak’s head,” said an apprentice worriedly.

“Oh, you mean Elder Maxim? Huh! He’s not as strong as before after he got hurt. There’s no need to fear him. Besides, he’s not stupid enough to cause offense to us for a b*stard apprentice.” Leonard could not stand the thought of the girl of his dreams having the time of the day with Zephyr.

“The quest we’re on now is very difficult. That’s why we have to do it in teams and it’s also why the points are so high. It was arranged by a sister apprentice of mine...” Erin started to explain.

“So each bandit would give us that many points? And there’s a lot of them? This’s really a good quest!” said a slightly shocked Zephyr after she had finished explaining about the quest.

“They’re called the Black Tiger Bandits. Each of them has a Black Tiger card on them. The cards of the Strength level fighters are made of wood and the cards of the Agility level fighters are made of jade. As for the management, they carry cards made out of jade too, but in red color,” continued Erin.

“What does that have to do with anything?” asked Zephyr with curiosity.

“It has everything to do with scoring points of course! The wooden card will get us three hundred points, the jade card will get us five hundred points, and the red color jade card will get us one one thousand points.”

“What? One thousand?” Zephyr’s heart nearly jumped out of his throat.

“Yes! We will exchange the Black Tiger Bandit cards for points. However, we should avoid getting into a fight with the red-jade card person cause they’re hard to handle,” said Erin cautiously.

They were advancing at a moderate speed while having this conversation. After half a day of travel, they managed to arrive in a village just slightly before nightfall.

“Is this where the Black Tiger Bandits are hiding?” Zephyr whispered. The air was so thick with the stench of blood that he did not even have to use his spiritual energy to know that there had been a massacre here.

“Yes,” said Erin with a nod. Then, she went to look for a concealed place to do her meditation. They had used up a lot of energy to come here, so it was best for them to rest for a while before completing their quest.

Under the soft moonlight, both Zephyr and Erin suddenly opened their eyes and glanced at each other. Then, as if on cue, they each took out some food from their Loot ring. Soon, they had completely recovered all their energy in a short time span.

“According to your intel, the Black Tiger Bandits have a few skilled fighters with them too, and there’s no way we could eradicate them all with only the two of us,” said Zephyr calmly.

“Where are you going with this?” asked Erin.

“It’s simple. We kill them one by one. The darkness of the night might be a disadvantage for others but it’s advantageous for me,” said Zephyr. He could use his Electrical powers to sense all the occurrences within a hundred-mile radius.

“What do you mean?” She was curious as to why he was so confident about this.

“Follow me and you’ll find out,” said Zephyr and disappeared into the night.

Erin had no idea what was going on in his mind, but still, she followed after him. Under the guise of the night, they quietly sneak into the village. Right as they were about to reach, they quickly hid behind a boulder.

“Why…” Erin started to ask but found her mouth being immediately covered by Zephyr's hand. Her normally cold personality could not stop her face from going red when she felt a warmth that emanated from Zephyr’s hand. Instantly, Zephyr felt a moist and ticklish feeling in the middle of his palm.

“Shh, there’s someone over there,” said Zephyr after releasing his hand. Even in the darkness, he could easily sense the minutest of movement with his keen senses.

“Three Strength of level nine and an Agility of level two. I’ll take the Agility of level two and leave the rest to you,” said Zephyr in a low voice.

“Got it!” She had no idea how he could be sure of the situation at hand but decided to trust him.

“Now!” Zephyr spoke as he assumed a fighter’s stance.

Erin, too, saw four men walking over to where they were hiding. It was as exactly as Zephyr said — three Strengths of level nine and an Agility of level two.

Immediately, the two of them attacked the four men.

“Lightning Sword Skill!” Based on the level of his skill, it would not be difficult for Zephyr to take down an Agility of level two, but then again, he should not cause too much of a commotion. He needed to take the man down in one stroke, which was exactly what he did. He then went over to the body to retrieve the white-jade card and pocketed some cash that the man had.

Erin, too, had taken down all three of the other fighters by the time he looked over at her.

“That’s done. Let’s continue on like this,” said Zephyr after hiding the bodies. Erin nodded in agreement.

Throughout the night, from time to time, there would be a flash of light, followed by a muffled gasp. However, the bandits did not realize anything, not until it was too late.