Chapter 244
A dazzling star crystal created a trail of light in the darkness. It swept through an area of ten yards like a meteor strike. Immediately, two bandits collapsed onto the ground with a muffled sound as they clutched their throats.

“Not bad!” Zephyr praised Erin for her techniques.

The star crystals that surrounded her were dazzled brightly, this exuded off an ethereal halo around her. Zephyr fell into a trance-like state when he saw her. Although he could take down a bandit from a distance, he could not do it as silently as she could. After all, she was the one who had the Ancient Draconic bloodline that ran through her veins.

“How do you know where the bandits are?” asked Erin with curiosity.

“Please, let me keep it a secret for now,” Zephyr replied with a cheeky grin when he saw the anticipated look on Erin’s face.

“Oh,” said Erin.

Zephyr could not tell whether she did on purpose or if she really did not care about his answer. Suddenly, his mood sunken. It would be better if she got mad or nagged at him to tell her. A mischievous smile appeared on the corner of her lips, but it disappeared just as quickly before Zephyr could notice it.

“We’ve taken down a lot of bandits tonight. I’m afraid we’ll be discovered. We should head back after this last one,” said Zephyr while he pointed in a particular direction.

“Fine with me.”

Zephyr’s Thunderfoot had become even faster after many rounds of combat, and he was really satisfied with his improvement.

“Who’s there?” a scary voice appeared when Zephyr was near a broken down wooden house. This shout attracted the attention of all the other bandits. It was a good thing Zephyr had asked Erin to hide beforehand.

“Where are you going?” asked the scary voice again.

Suddenly, true energy condensed in the form of a giant palm print rushed towards Zephyr. The force of the palm print was so terrifyingly powerful that it caused the surrounding area to tremble.

‘Agility of level three,’ thought Zephyr. He did not expect to bump into one here. The strength of the fighter was strong, and judging from their palm print attack, he should be a strength-based fighter.

The fighter gave out a roar so loud that everyone’s ears rang for a while. Still, using his Thunderfoot, Zephyr was not worried about how powerful his opponent was. This was because he was confident that he could take him down easily once he found the opportunity for an attack.

All of a sudden, the wooden house was blown to dust with a loud crash as a ten foot figure rushed towards Zephyr with a big black club in his hand.

“Sh*t, he’s freaking tall!” Zephyr cussed as he was taken aback.

The fighter sent out an attack that contained enough force to stop Zephyr in his tracks. In no time at all, Zephyr found his path to be blocked. He pulled out Draken and released a vast amount of lightning-bladed energy imbued with Electrical powers and deflected the black club’s attack.

Soon, Zephyr’s sword clashed against his opponent’s black club. The connection between the two forced an impact of air that surrounded them.

“You really think I won’t be able to take you down?” He was starting to get worried not because he was afraid he would not be able to take down this giant opponent, but because he could sense many other powerful auras making their way as reinforcements.

They were alerted by the giant’s roar and Zephyr feared that it would become dangerous if the two of them stayed any longer. Zephyr swung his sword and used his Lightning Sword Skill to quickly draw out a bladed energy attack. He had imbued this attack with all of his strength and the speed of the attack was akin to a real lightning bolt.

No matter how strong the giant bandit was, there was no way he could win against Zephyr once he had unleashed all of his power. The giant bandit’s black club was quickly cut in half by Zephyr’s bladed energy. Then, without missing a beat, Zephyr rushed towards him again.

“Die!” Zephyr’s sword intent swirled around him. Coupled with the terrifying bladed energy, there was no chance for the giant bandit to deflect the attack.

Right when Zephyr’s sword was about to land on the giant bandit, a burst of maniacal laughter suddenly appeared not too close by. “Hahaha, let me help you, Zephyr.” Upon hearing that, a majestic punch immediately landed on the giant bandit’s chest.

This punch stopped the giant bandit’s heart and he collapsed to the ground, unmoving.