Chapter 247
The incoming attack was not something Clay could handle, but still, he tried his hardest as he induced the power of his fists. Alas, it was to no avail and he was sent flying a mile across the ground. Blood continuously spewed from his mouth once he landed. He quickly forced himself to get up and escaped into the night.

Zephyr moved through the area at a speed as fast as lightning. With this powerful ability to sense all that was going around him in a radius of a hundred miles, he easily returned back to their hiding place with no issues at all.

“How was it?” asked Erin, though judging from the smile on Zephyr’s face, she knew for sure he had gotten his revenge.

“Not bad,” Zephyr showed her the four white-jade cards and three wooden cards.

“That’s a lot!” It was more than Erin had expected.

“Serves Clay right for stealing a white-jade card from me. An eye for an eye… and sometimes, a tooth too!” said Zephyr cheekily.

“Haha, yes. Quite an impressive profit you go there,” said Erin.

They both laughed from their counterattack. Meanwhile, the situation was a complete opposite for Clay.

“What did you just say? Zephyr stole your Black Tiger Bandit cards?” Leonard shouted angrily as he looked at the heavily injured Clay.

“Yes, Leonard. I was the one who took down all the bandits but he came out of nowhere and stole all of the cards.” Clay’s face was filled with anger. As a new apprentice, he needed all the points he could get his hands on as well.

“You’re useless! How can you, an Agility senior, lose to a Strength junior?” mocked Leonard.

“His level might not be high but he makes up for it with his terrifying sword skills and keen senses…”

“Enough with the excuses!” Leonard angrily waved him away. He did not want to listen to any more of his excuses.

‘The b*stard had no idea that I was being kind to him. I only wanted him to come to his senses when it came to acknowledging the immeasurable gap of power between us. However, it seems like I have no choice but to deal with him personally,’ thought Leonard angrily. He had overestimated Clay’s capabilities.

His reason for being there was simple — to team up with Erin so he could be close to her at all times.

“Leonard, you’re going to take on Zephyr yourself?” one of his lackeys spoke.

“Of course!” replied Leonard haughtily. His powerful aura bursted from within his body. It kept on increasing until the air began to stiffen from the pressure.

‘He’s so strong! I wonder if there’s a limit to his power at all,’ thought Clay. His expression turned from displeasure to shock at Leonard’s display of power.

Suddenly, chilling bladed energy shot out, and the next moment, Leonard was already on his way to the village. He was completely engulfed in a terrifying bladed energy, making him seem like the God of War.

“Huh?” Zephyr and Erin quickly stared at the direction Leonard was moving in and all they could see was a series of terrifying bladed energy rushing towards the village like a storm.