Chapter 24
Zephyr realized something, not only did Kerr seem unaffected, but he was also very energetic. “That’s it! It must be the nature of the Winged Serpent school!” The Winged Serpents were, by nature, focused on snake-like elements in their teachings. Naturally, snakes and dragons were similar in both shape and style. If one trained hard enough, they may transcend snake-status and evolve into a dragon-styled fighter. Through this method, one may bypass the Way to achieve dragon-hood. Whether achieving mastery over it in this school led to one becoming a dragon, Zephyr did not know, but what was clear was that Kerr, and potentially his kin are unfazed by this draconic power due to their innate training.

Zephyr squinted at Kerr, at his level, Kerr could focus his energy into venomous attacks, possibly even capable of corroding materials. Aside from that, Kerr was a Strength of level nine, Zephyr could not take him on lightly. He must weigh each of his moves, otherwise it could mean death! ‘Even if I may be able to defend myself against his techniques, his Blade would still be a problem!’ Zephyr thought about it a bit more. “If I combined the strength of Earth-shatterer with the speed and silence of Lightfoot, I may be able to take Kerr by surprise, finishing him in one blow!” Zephyr mulled over it a bit more. “I’ll only get one chance; I must time it wisely!”

Kerr stood there, eyes stared towards the ray of draconic power, laughing maniacally. “I, Kerr, will soon be unrivalled! Once I become a dragon, nothing, nobody can stop me!” Immediately, Kerr began the ritual to absorb the powers, his energy conjured and manifested into that of a great snake. Unlike his previous lackeys’ manifestations, Kerr’s serpent was lifelike, a great coiled beast reaching out slowly, with jaws agape towards the ray of golden light. The mere presence of the creature instantly plummeted the room’s temperature.

The golden plume reacted violently, roared and thrashed within, it sent ripples throughout the cave, the walls cracked with its power. It must have sensed the serpentine energy coming its way, posing as one of its own. Although it was mere draconic power, it had draconic pride! Unwilling to recognize the snake approaching it, it would not submit easily. Feeling the aggression, Kerr flashed wary looks. A great grasp of pressure wrapped around Kerr, which induced immeasurable pain. His snake manifestation, likewise, reflected its master’s agony, crumbling on itself. Kerr spat blood as his body was splayed open by the draconic powers.

“Now!” Zephyr launched his move, his body as quick as lightning, sped towards Kerr. Zephyr summoned Lightfoot, his silhouette became untouchable. The closer he got, the more his Might reacted, this further enhanced his moves. He felt as though the draconic energy within him was being returned home, a great yearning to be reunited.

‘All I did was get closer, and now my powers have surged… I need that energy!’ Zephyr thought, his heart pulsed with anxious excitement.

Suddenly, Zephyr slowed down, his steps were no longer speedy and silent. Lightfoot had taken too much, his energy reserves were not sufficient to maintain his movements.

“You!” Seeing Zephyr appear before him, Kerr unsheathed the Ouroboros, and launched himself at Zephyr.