Chapter 25
The Ouroboros flew at Zephyr and sped up like lightning — carrying with it cunning deceit and absolute poison to stop him. Simultaneously, the golden ray of mystical energy found itself in contact with Zephyr as he reached out for the draconic energy. A great roar ensued, Zephyr felt as though he was being split open, not by the blade, but by the immense force thrust upon him by the golden kindle. Zephyr tried to focus his Might, to recite the Way, but before he could do so, his body instinctively absorbed the energy.

Zephyr coughed, the blow from the Ouroboros had hit hard, he felt as though his back had split open, his insides reeled from the blow. He found his lips matted with blood, the cave floor painted with his freshly expelled blood. Zephyr thanked the stars; it was not fatal. “I got it, I did it!” Zephyr had absorbed the draconic energy, he had taken his first step into ‘becoming a dragon’. “You little c*nt, give me back my draconic energy!” Kerr cursed through gritted teeth, his fury knew no bounds. He had never anticipated his life’s dream, his destiny, to be taken away so easily by a random runt. Kerr was having none of it, he was absolutely livid.

“How dare you take what’s mine?! I will tear you apart!” Kerr screamed furiously at Zephyr. Zephyr however, showed no remorse nor fear, only turned to Kerr whilst he chuckled. “Tear me apart? Can you even do that?” Zephyr summoned Lightfoot, and sped away right after he finished his sentence. “F*ck!” Kerr screamed, giving chase. He ignited his energy, manifested his beast, and slithered his way after Zephyr.

Wherever Kerr’s manifestation went, rocks were sent flying, dust clouds picked up where it left off, Kerr was dead serious. Zephyr shuddered upon feeling what was going on behind him. Kerr’s true power was probably beyond a Strength of level nine. If Zephyr had faced him head on, he would not have stolen the energy. In the midst of chaos, Zephyr realized something.

Kerr’s anger was not just because Zephyr had stolen his prize, but because the training needed to become a dragon required time, a lot of it. Kerr needed this boost to hasten things, in fact, he needed it to surpass his current level, otherwise he would stagnate. ‘Hmph, I have no such weaknesses!’ Zephyr thought to himself.

Zephyr’s Lightfoot allowed him free reign over the cave, he knew he could outrun Kerr if he focused enough. “Where the f*ck are you going?!” screamed Kerr. Seeing Zephyr speeding up, Kerr harnessed all his might, launched himself forward, and sent his manifestation towards Zephyr with lightning speed. “Sh*t, it's too fast!” Zephyr turned heel, and sent himself careening off a cave wall, dodging out of the way.

With a loud crack, the cave shook and sputtered rock. Zephyr had narrowly dodged Kerr’s assault, where he once stood, a large hole now bore, it emitted plumes of black, poisonous gas. “What strength, I don’t think I could’ve survived that!” Zephyr grew anxious, he had to get away. “What?!” Kerr stared at Zephyr’s unharmed body. Kerr was shocked for a moment before it turned into rage, further becoming fury. He conjured his serpent once again and launched a flurry of attacks.

Zephyr tumbled out of the cave, it’s insides rumbled and shook with reckless abandon. Rocks and debris flew out of the cave mouth, cutting up the Forest around. ‘Oh my, he’s really p*ssed!’ Zephyr thought. The situation was dire, he had to think fast. “If I fought him now, he would no doubt murder me, I have to get away! I have to fully absorb the energy now!” He ignited Lightfoot again, and sped off in a random direction.

Kerr had busted out of the cave, his very person filled with unquenchable rage. “You f*cking c*nt! How dare you come into my land and steal my prize! I don’t care where you are, or how far you’ll run, I will hunt you down, and end you!” Screaming at the top of his lungs. “I will kill you, and everyone you love! I will end your family! You will regret the day you crossed me!” Kerr cursed and cursed. Kerr was the heir to the Winged Serpents; this slight will not go unpunished.

“Are you sure about that?” Zephyr laughed, his voice faded with each word.