Chapter 27
Suddenly, a great change erupted within Zephyr. He felt a great dragon rise from within, and stirred everything in its wake. Zephyr focused his all into controlling and maintaining the transition. After all, draconic energy was not to be messed with. Commoners who ever find themselves in position with a strand of this divine power could already be improved manifold, moreover, having a power as great as this?

Slowly, Zephyr bridged the gap between himself and the draconic powers, from within, a strange feeling sprouted. It was an indescribable feeling, like a hug from a mother, everything Zephyr did was immensely calming. Zephyr felt as though he had achieved dragon-hood, completely tuned with the Earth and sky. He could feel every fibre of muscle in his body being filled with incredible power, it pulsated endlessly. He could even feel all his energy channels eagerly burst open, ready to absorb more draconic energy. The injuries he sustained from Kerr healed quickly, strengthened even. A roar pulsated throughout Zephyr’s body.

His muscles were spastic, he stifled his screams of pain. The draconic energy was not residing easily. He gritted his teeth and pushed through the pain as he felt the beads of sweat form on his forehead, the sweat drenched his body. It was borderline unbearable. The Way, although powerful, was incredibly tough on the body. Zephyr gritted his teeth and thought to himself, ‘I will be the strongest fighter there ever will be, no longer will I be a weakling!’ It was as though the draconic energy itself heard Zephyr’s cry, it stopped resisting, and allowed itself to fully assimilate into Zephyr’s body.

Suddenly, a great exodus of power poured out of Zephyr. The energy he just absorbed quickly went to work — repaired Zephyr’s body, improved it, strengthened it, etc. He expelled a powerful shockwave, Zephyr felt his Might achieving new levels. Before he could rejoice, a visage of a dragon manifested itself before him. It’s prideful elegance stared Zephyr in the eyes, it let out a great roar, the skies shook, an unrivalled force! This was Zephyr’s avatar, this was Zephyr’s true energy. Zephyr stared at it, excited, anxious, he felt many different things. He slowly let himself calm down, and allowed his Might itself to operate from there.

Two days.

In just two days, Zephyr had recovered and rejuvenated himself, he felt like a brand-new man. He opened his eyes to allow beams of light to shine through. Power, his power has risen! Zephyr knew he had immensely improved, that goes without saying, it was expected. What was unexpected were the two dragon scales on his chest that shimmered brightly. Although they were no bigger than his palm, they radiated immense energy. The most unexpected thing Zephyr found was that just above the scales, were the shimmering vestiges of draconic aura. “Huh… two dragon scales! Nice!” Zephyr smiled brightly.

However, right at that moment, a few miles out, Kerr set his sights on the waterfall. “Draconic energy… found you!” It was then followed by a grim smile.