Chapter 28
“I’ve broken through to a Strength of level eight, although there's a difference of two levels, I can already feel my power boiling over. Hell, it might even be stronger than an actual Strength of level eight,” Zephyr nodded approvingly as he felt every drop of power in every inch of his muscles. The true energy within him brimmed. Even though he was much stronger than he was before, the two scales he had had further augmented it, thus allowed incredible fortitude. The Way allowed it’s user to conjure 30,600 individual dragon scales, each of them contained an insurmountable amount of power, much like a sliver of draconic Might.

Zephyr burst forth a fist, his scales shined brightly at the act of it and transferred unimaginable powers into his arm, through to his fist. His attack sent the cave asunder, as if it stopped time itself. IN an instant, a hole punctured into the cave wall. ‘Damn, this is really nice! I wonder what this punch can do to a person?’ thought Zephyr as he seriously contemplated how powerful he had gotten. He reckoned that even a Strength of nine would not be able to block his blows. “I haven’t fought anyone yet… I can’t really say how powerful I am for sure… but I bet I can take on those Agility level fighters!” thought Zephyr, realizing the Might of the Way. The Way of the Dragon was not to be trifled with!

In the world of martial arts, self-augmenting techniques were rare, yet they outclassed most other styles. The Way of the Dragon was the king among them. Having thought of this, Zephyr squealed in excitement, but quickly held himself back. He must not allow anyone to know he had been training under the Way. “This one session allowed me to burst forth two levels, and allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of Earth-shatterer!” Zephyr cheered. “Earth-shatterer isn’t just a clumsy fist style, but the best of the best!

“Sadly, this style doesn’t suit my own, I’ll have to look for a new go-to move,” thought Zephyr. The Way had opened Zephyr’s eyes, he now further understood each technique and style, their strengths and weaknesses, their suitability, and shortcomings. He now understood where he lacked, and where he triumphed for each style.


Suddenly, Zephyr’s heart raced, beads of sweat formed on his forehead. Something was close, someone was near!

The flow of the waterfall splitted in two, a Blade had cut through, and burst forth towards Zephyr. Behind it, a snake vestige followed closely, and crashed into the cave. “There you are, you little c*nt!” Kerr screamed, voice filled with hatred and rage. He flailed the Ouroboros around and created serpentine shadows, sending them towards Zephyr. Kerr was done, he was impatient, he wanted to end Zephyr and all this in one final, decisive blow!

“Ha, I guess you got me!” chuckled Zephyr, before giving a loud sigh. Zephyr did not move, but almost instinctively, a raging fist was sent and it flew Kerr’s way. “Earthbreaker!” Zephyr followed his threat with a flurry of attacks, countless punches were thrown at Kerr’s direction. His assault broke through the Ouroboros’ charge, outright smashed its way through Kerr’s attacks. Zephyr’s fists found its way to Kerr’s chest, beating and pounding him, each blow like a cannonball. After what seemed like countless cannon fires, Kerr was sent flying through the gushing water curtain.