Chapter 29
“Hmph!” Zephyr flashed a wry smile; he had not stopped there. Zephyr dove through the water curtain, out into the Forest, and went after Kerr, still mid-flight. Zephyr reminded Kerr who he was dealing with, he stomped onto Kerr, and it sent him crashing down into the ground below. Kerr let out a scream of pain, both hearing the snapping of bone as they crashed into the dirt, it even sent out shockwaves that ruffled the trees. As the dirt kicked up, the leaves fell gently down onto the cracked grounds below. As the dust clouds dissipated, it revealed Zephyr as he stood upon Kerr above a web of cracks, like a spider with its prey.

Kerr coughed a fit, and spewed blood out onto the ground, his looks showed of the disbelief he felt. He stared up at Zephyr, eyes full of hatred. He could not believe how an insect like Zephyr had bested him, and now standing atop him. Kerr could only writhe helplessly while he glared at Zephyr. “H-how?! How is this possible?! How did you get so strong! You’re just a measly Strength of level si- No! How did you become a Strength of level eight!?” Kerr screamed at Zephyr, the color drained from his face as his sentence ended. It had only been two days and yet this runt had broken through by two levels?

Kerr could not comprehend the man before- the man who stood on top of him. “You… you’ve already absorbed the draconic energy?!” Kerr’s voice carried with malice, hatred, envy, and most of all, fear. Kerr could not find any other reason to justify what had happened. That prize was his, and his alone. He was furious, hateful even.

“You talk too much!” Zephyr spat, contemplating the finishing blow.

“Heh… never have I thought you would absorb the draconic energy so soon…” muttered Kerr. “Tell me, how did you do it? Do not make me ask a second time!”

“I am Kerr! Heir to the Winged Serpents! If you kill me, the people from Winged Serpents will hunt you down!” Kerr exclaimed loudly, he felt Zephyr’s motive, his only chance now was to threaten the boy. If he survived this, he would have his revenge!

However, Zephyr predicted Kerr’s thoughts. He had just stolen the Heirs precious prize, were he to let Kerr go, he would undoubtedly return with the people from Winged Serpents, full of vengeful intent. “How about this; you let me go, and that’s that,” Zephyr asked with slight sarcasm. “If you kill me, the Winged Serpents will kill you, and all you love! Your whole family will die, I swear by it!” Kerr spat back.

After he saw Zephyr’s silence, Kerr let out a wry smile. After all, he was a Winged Serpent, one of the great powers in this world, he would not dare strike down their heir.

“Heh heh...” Zephyr playfully chuckled, his smile cold and void of feelings. He lifted his right foot, and sent it down onto Kerr forcefully. Kerr screamed in agony, a howl that rang throughout the Feather Forest, and it startled many a beast. Zephyr lifted his foot from Kerr’s chest cavity as he allowed the blood to gush out. “You f*cking… you…” Kerr’s eyes now carried tremendous fear, no longer did his bloodlust remain. He never considered that Zephyr would actually kill him, knowing his background and all. Was he not afraid?

“So what?” Zephyr said, a cold smile plastered on his face, his foothanged over Kerr’s face. “You… will… regret this!” Kerr screamed. A scream which was cut short by a squishy stomp. “I don’t,” muttered Zephyr as he glanced at Kerr’s mangled corpse. In his previous life, Zephyr had met many enemies, the Winged Serpents were the least of his worries. “Dumb*ss!” He spat at the corpse. Zephyr bent over, searched through Kerr’s body with the hopes for some good loot. “Wh- Oh wow!”

Zephyr’s Might stirred, he pulled out the object from Kerr’s pockets. “What’s this?!”