Chapter 2
‘In my past life, they all degraded and humiliated me… I was powerless! I swear, in this life, I will have my vengeance, my honor!’ thought Zephyr. He pondered further, now that he was starting over, he had to live a life full of excitement, wonder, and to become the best martial artist there ever was. He concluded with his previous life’s experience; he could achieve that goal. Zephyr’s confidence was brimming, he was going to make the most of it!

“Alas, the most important thing now is to treat my injuries,” muttered Zephyr. He felt his pain intensify and his breathing slowed down. He figured that he was now very weak, if he does not medicate soon, it will permanently affect his martial art skills. He could not help but think of how in his past life, this was the very issue that limited his powers later in life.

“Spirit pill, is it?” Zephyr remembered what the group said earlier and flashed an empty smile. He opened the bottle, a refreshing aroma wafted over his nose. Inside, lay a small, pearl-white pill. He soon found himself frowning however, after taking a few more whiffs.

“Hmph, as suspected, Lincoln’s pill has more to it… he plans to assassinate me!” spat Zephyr with a malicious tone.

Were it someone uninitiated, they would not have noticed the pill’s issue. However, in Zephyr’s past life, after he escaped the Khan household, he met a special medicine man along the way — “The Pill Emperor”. Zephyr was then taken in as an apprentice. With the Emperor’s tutelage, Zephyr was able to foster and build his medicine-making skills beyond the average person's knowledge. Just by smelling it, he could tell that the pill in the bottle was tampered with.

‘In my past life, Lincoln’s pills poisoned me, stunting my energy reserves and left me as nothing more than an average person, destroying my rightful destiny… I swear, I will make him pay!’ Zephyr thought as his face was filled with a fiery rage.

Zephyr fell into a coughing-fit as his wounds were getting more irritated. He picked up the pill bottle and gazed at the spirit pill. Spirit pills were a highly sought-after commodity in Starlight City. The average person would never have the opportunity to possess one of these pills. Even the Khan heir would only be allowed 10 every month while the masses would only get it once every half a year, if they were lucky.

“Heh, apparently my death is an expensive prize…” said Zephyr, an empty chuckle left mouth.

Despite his age and standing, Zephyr was still the heir to the clan; Lincoln would not dare to openly murder him, which was why he resorted to lacing the pill with poison to avoid suspicion. Lincoln would put trace amounts of poison that would slowly increase with each dosage. Zephyr was lucky to have escaped the Khan household in his past life, or else he surely would have been poisoned to death, and none would be the wiser.

“Alas, I have no other choice but to take the pill and heal my injuries,” Zephyr spat mockingly. “Although this pill won’t outright kill me, I can surely get rid of its effects after what I’ve learned before,” he let out a wry chortle and hesitantly swallowed the pill.

The medicinal properties immediately took its effect and started healing his body with haste. He could feel the healing energies course through his veins. Zephyr was not boasting when he meant that in his past life, he was revered as the “Pill King”. Now, he was at least a 100 times better than Lincoln, displaying a mastery over the medicine’s effects and power. He was confident that he could find a remedy to counteract the trace amount of toxins he had consumed; otherwise, what good would he be?

He felt rejuvenated as the energy in his body began restoring itself and his injuries slowly healed up. Zephyr’s face relaxed and showed relief.

“Finally, I can now learn the Ancient Draconic Way,” muttered Zephyr.

The Ancient Draconic Way — also known as The Dragon’s Might or The Way of The Dragon was an ancient skill. Legends spoke of an untold number of heroes and saints fighting over the chance to learn it. Rumor has it that this skill was considered the most barbaric method back then, outright forbidden for the most part. It was said that practitioners who mastered the Way could transform themselves into a dragon, conquering all those beneath them.