Chapter 31
“This painting’s Blade Focus when compared to Earth-shatterer’s Fist Focus does have little difference.” Zephyr said. “I, however, do not wish to stay at their level, I want my own style of Focus to be better than theirs!”

“My Blade’s Focus shall be legendary; nobody shall ever come close! I will be the strongest swordsman there ever will be!” Zephyr’s eyes lit up once again, and allowed a steady stream of iridescent light to pour out. He carefully focused upon the two battle Focuses, meticulously chanted his mantra, poured his all into this ritual. He lifted a finger and drew slashes, as if it were a blade itself.

Following his finger’s movements, his Focus transcended his fingertips, and materialized into little slashing blades. ‘The blade is the master of all weaponry, the ultimate tool for battle!’ Zephyr thought.

“My Earth-shatterer, although bold and powerful, is clumsy and slow… However, even if the Focus within the painting was vile and wicked. I, on the other hand, will have the power to crush all, to beat all; I want the Focus of a bladesman! To be a sword itself!” Zephyr exclaimed.

“No one will be my rival! No one will be my equal!”

Zephyr’s voice grew louder and louder, his finger moved faster and faster, more and more afterimages were created. A low buzz rang in his ears, and before long, upon Zephyr’s fingertips, came the ringing noise of a blade that cut through the air. Followed by the cry of his blade, everything around Zephyr went deathly quiet. He managed to calm the struggle between his Blade and Fist Focuses. It felt as though a great stillness came over Zephyr and his surroundings, as if time itself had stopped.

Suddenly, Kerr’s body emitted a strange, green light that floated towards the sky. The green ray shimmered unendingly, as if it was alive. Before he knew it, it was as if the light had sensed Zephyr’s presence, and shot into his forehead. “No equal! No rival! No competition!” Zephyr felt something near, yet far, something just barely within an arm’s reach. Zephyr could not fully grasp what he had felt. In an instant, Zephyr noticed how dark it became. Where there was once sky, now lay dark and gloomy clouds. A loud crack of lightning and thunder shot across the sky, and it sent a booming note throughout the land, it’s light sent the darkness away for a split second. The lightning and thunder ensued, streaks of white light cracked across the dark sky, the ground shook with each blast of thunder.

“That’s it!” Zephyr realized.

The once still Fist and Blade Focus now moved again, sensing the danger that Zephyr now possessed, the threat he had become, and flew at Zephyr. “Insignificant!” yelled Zephyr, a great blast of Focus came from within, a Blade’s Focus, ready to meet the attackers. Zephyr felt as though his new Focus could tear down the world. ‘A Blade without a rival, one that is all mine!’ Zephyr thought as he finally realized what it meant to be without a rival; a great calm, a great knowing, the confidence it brings when in the face of any enemy!

“Let’s go!” muttered Zephyr as he saw the Focuses come his way, unflinching. Zephyr waved his hand and allowed his Focus to meet with the onslaught, stomping their advances. It did not matter whether it was the bold Fist, nor the cunning Blade, Zephyr’s Focus stomped the competition. His Focus rang out once last time, before it quickly returned to Zephyr. ‘My Blade’s Focus- Nay, my Sword’s Focus, is without rival…’ thought Zephyr.

As Zephyr felt this new Focus within him, he could not help but smile with confidence. From now on, Zephyr had his own unique Focus, his own unique level. As long as he develops it well, his battle power would increase manifold! “Never thought I’d get this far… wow! My trip to the Feather Forest did not disappoint!” he said with a big smile plastered on his face.