Chapter 33
Lewis ran as though each step was his last, he could not bear to turn his head around as he was deathly afraid of something. A rustle came from behind, followed by a loud crack. Seven figures appeared before him and blocked his way. The leader of the group held a sword, full of killing intent, and stared down at Lewis pridefully. Lewis felt like an ant before the man, Linus. The other six were Puck’s personal envoy.

Seeing Puck’s envoy before him, Lewis lost control of his body, he knelt to the ground, body shivered without an end in sight. “Run, fool, run! Why’d you stop?” chuckled Linus. “I never once would have thought a managerial underling like you would dare go against master Puck, and yet, here you are! How brave!”

“Master Puck had been investigating the disappearance of Zephyr’s handmaiden, and turns out, you were the one responsible for keeping her in secret, wow! What a brave display!” Linus snorted, his intent clearer as he went on. “Bullsh*t! There is no master Puck! The Khan clan belongs to their rightful heir, Zephyr Khan!” Lewis spat, “Mist was too afraid of Zephyr, always has been, for some asinine reason, Mist was threatened by a child! Are you no different? Are you not afraid of Master Typhoon? Once he recovers and returns, are you not afraid of his wrath?!” Lewis scolded, he knew that Linus was going to kill him anyway, so why bother groveling.

“Enough!” Linus commanded, an icy cold look on his face. He unsheathed his blade, and pointed it at Lewis, “Lewis. You will bow to me, now. Bow like the dog you are. If you do, I might let you die painlessly, otherwise, I will savor each and every slice! You will fear life itself!” Linus spat at Lewis, unwavering in his decision. His party hollered and cheered for Linus.

“D*mn, who knew this dumb *ss would throw in with that b*stard Zephyr! He thought he could keep his handmaiden safe, ha!”

“Well, we found her anyway. What a cute, delicious snack she is!”

“Hahaha, too bad Master Lincoln’s set his sights on her! I doubt even Master Puck could protest if he wanted!”

“Zephyr’s probably dead by now, somewhere inside a beast most likely! Feather Forest and whatnot!”

Linus’ envoy chided and jeered, they took great delight as they saw Lewis cowered fearfully. Linus himself was ecstatic, imagining the sight of Lewis bowing before him. Linus greatly enjoyed the power he had now, the power to decide the life and death of another, the ability to take another’s life filled him with dreadful satisfaction. “I may not have been a great warrior like the bunch of you, but I will never ever regret serving master Zephyr!” spat Lewis, “Enjoy it while it lasts, once master returns, you will all die! He will avenge me!” he continued, getting up to his feet. His back was straight, he looked non-betraying, Lewis stared down at the seven men before him. Lewis was not backing down, not again.

“How dare you!” Linus spat. Lewis’ speech had ruffled their feathers, but Linus kept his icy, cold stare. He brought his sword up, and sent it flying towards Lewis, a merciless strike. Lewis knew he was not escaping this time; Linus’ sword would find him before he even knew it. Lewis did not bother to defend himself, he welcomed the blade openly. Seeing the blade approach, Lewis felt hopeless, there was nothing he could do.

“It’s rude to kill someone’s associate without asking them you know!” a chill voice called out with hints of dreadful anger within. Lewis’ spine shivered, his hopeless look slowly faded, replaced by suspenseful glee.