Chapter 35



Those were the feelings that crumpled up within each of them. However, the greatest feeling that was felt — disbelief!

“How…? How did you manage this? What sort of Focus is this? Why can’t I measure it!?” Linus gripped his sword tightly, doing his best to fend off Zephyr’s flurry of slashes. “Pathetic!” Zephyr stated coldly, loud enough to rupture Linus’ eardrums, this sent him into a shivering frenzy. “Die,” Zephyr flicked his fingers, before Linus even managed to spit out one syllable, a blade was sent flying at Linus. The blade went through Linus, and just like that, with wide eyes of terror, a sliver of crimson flowed down from his forehead and slowly expanded. Linus’ body then slowly tore apart from itself, splitted itself in two, his blood spurt out like a geyser. And with that, a metallic clunk sound rang throughout the forest, his blade had fallen to the ground.

“Run! Save yourself!” one of the men on the ground called out. All six of them were still on the ground, after having witnessed their all-powerful Linus be killed in one swift strike by Zephyr, they all yelled out in terror, hastily scrambled to their feet, and tried to get away. “Stop!” commanded Zephyr, and sent forth his Focus again. His Focus, great and powerful, terrible and wicked, flew out in all directions. Although Zephyr had only just begun his training and was a novice at this technique, none of his six targets could defend themselves from his attack.

The six of them stood still, their spirits, murdered by Zephyr’s Focus, dropped dead. “What… what might…” muttered Lewis, the color drained from his face. Seven Strengths of level six were just killed within seconds! What was this power? Zephyr waved a beckoning motion and Linus’ blade flew into his grasp, brought to him by an unseeable force. He slid his fingers across the sword’s body, feeling it ring from within, a great calming sound came from the metallic whine of his finger upon the blade. “A fine sword!” exclaimed Zephyr as he nodded approvingly.

“Lewis, how are you? Everything okay?” Zephyr sheathed his new blade as he turned his gaze to the bruised and battered Lewis. “Master, I never knew you’d get so strong!” Lewis called out, delighted to see Zephyr again. “I had a nice time in the Feather Forest,” replied Zephyr.

“Right, Lewis, why did Puck’s men chase you? How could this happen?” Zephyr asked, his anxiety grew. “Master… Lady Leah’s tracks were discovered, I don’t know how, but somehow she was discovered!”

“Puck sent his men after me, they came and stole her away. I heard that Lincoln was about to leave, Puck must have sent Leah to her as a gift to gain his favor. Master…”

Before Lewis could finish, a rage surrounded Zephyr, ready to combust at any moment. Zephyr was not happy, he was livid. Sensing his anger, Lewis once again lost the color to his face, and shivered greatly. He felt as though he could not breathe, Zephyr’s fury covered the entire area, it smothered him. “Puck…you b*stard!” Zephyr screamed, fury in his voice.

Lewis felt a blur of wind blow past, in a blink of an eye, Zephyr disappeared right before him.