Chapter 36
Zephyr had pushed Lightfoot to the limit, he struggled to focus his pent-up rage into efficient use, but right now, all he could see was red. All the while Zephyr blamed himself, he blamed his carelessness in this situation. Although he had let Leah stay with Lewis under his protection, it would not have lasted long, Puck had eyes everywhere, the both of them could only hide so much. Although Leah was only Zephyr’s handmaiden, she was the closest he had to an actual family, she was the most important person in his life. In his previous life, Zephyr was unable to stop her suicide, but in this life, Zephyr would stop at nothing to keep her safe.

‘Puck! Lincoln! If I find that you’ve laid even a finger on her hair, I will show no mercy!’ Zephyr thought to himself as he increased his speed, vanishing into the air.

The Khans were the second greatest house in Starlight City. The Khan household was like a castle, or a fort, it was much different than the commoners’ dwelling. In this palace, everything was grand, right down to every meticulous detail. Everything was handcrafted — the surrounding trees, flowers, grass, the streams, brooks, and stones; all hand placed by the most renowned architects and designers. Around the perimeter, a troop of guards watched with weapons in hand. Every now and then, the guards would rotate their post, not compromising with any complacency. Seeing the energy the guards emitted, they were judged to be Strengths of level five.

Every rotation would bring seven men, there will be three rotations by now, meaning a total of 21 Strengths of level fives were on ground. Only the b*stard Puck would have such a large security detail to protect him. “Master, Zephyr’s handmaiden had been summoned. Master Lincoln will be pleased with your gift,” the servants muttered happily to Puck while on their knees.

“Ha! That girl’s as pretty as a lily, of course he’d love it! Who knows? He might even give me some good quality pills that I could choose from for this,” Puck laughed, but quickly followed by a grimace. “Poor Zephyr…you got off too easily! If it weren’t for you rejecting Greenwood's offer, I could have been a Strength of level nine by now!” His face filled with bouts of anger. “Zephyr, you are a bold one throwing yourself into the Feather Forest. You’re probably dead by now, huh?” he continued. “Even if you’re dead, I’ll make sure you will never rest in peace! Your beloved maiden is now on her way to Lincoln for his enjoyment. Eat that, c*nt!” spat Puck.

Hearing such foul curses, Puck’s servants felt uneasy, and they trembled in their stead. “Has Lewis been caught yet?” Puck asked coldly as he turned his gaze to his knelt servants. “No My Lord, there has been no word of it yet,” one answered for them. “Not to worry My Lord, Lewis is just a Strength of level five, how is he ever going to escape them? His capture is out of the question!” another added. “You imbeciles, how could you let an insect such as Lewis run rampant right under your noses all this while? Why should I even keep you? If it weren’t for someone’s tip, none of us would be the wiser!” Puck replied, his face turned stone cold. “Please forgive us My Lord!” The servants reacted quickly after they saw Puck’s expression.

It was at that moment, a figure was seen as it speedily approached the Khan perimeter. The guards, seeing this approach, yelled out to the suspect. “Who is this? How dare you come unannounced? Don’t you… ah!” Before the guard could complete his sentence, a quick slash came from Zephyr’s energy blade, and it split the guard in half. Nothing could stop his furious flurry, and nothing could save them. Zephyr was fast, with every move he made, a person dies in under a second.

“We’re under attack!”

“Everyone, make sure the master is safe!”

“Forward my brothers, stop him!”

It was a complete chaos among the men as Zephyr raged through their ranks. Zephyr stood his ground, unwavered, he stared down at the charges of the guards; all he saw was red, he knew what would happen next. He would kill all who stood in his way. Today, the Khan would learn a terrible truth — whoever that messed with Zephyr, will pay the ultimate price.