Chapter 37
“What the Hell is going on out there?!” Puck asked angrily after he heard the commotion outside. “It’s not good, My Lord, someone has come to attack us! He’s powerful, he’s killed many of our men!” reported a guard who hastily rushed into the room. “How is that possible? The Khan has had the best security thus far! Who would dare come without warning?!” asked Puck, shocked to hear the news. He slammed his fist onto the table, leaving the room. “I want to see this for myself, who’s so bold to dare attack the Khan!” muttered Puck.

“There he is!”

“Kill him!”

Outside the gates, tens of armed guards crashed down upon Zephyr. Zephyr moved his sword, like a fish through water, he sliced and slashed his way through the ranks, having no fear nor hesitation in his eyes. “Seven Slashes – First slash!” he yelled, his tone commanding like an army general, yet, assured like a lover’s gentle whisper. His sword waved through the battlefield, it sent off gentle yet shimmering light refractions. This was the first time Zephyr used Seven Slashes against others.

This sword style had seven slashes, each slash carried with it great power and force, each movement better than the last, many would fall before them. Zephyr’s blade shot violently through the battlefield, much like a dam that was being broken, his power came crashing upon his enemies. Many of the guards were killed in an instant, their bodies fell to the ground upon contact.

“This is bad! He’s too strong! Form up, now!” a rear guard called out, his screams carried great fear. “Quick, form up!” another added. The remaining guards gathered, then quickly changed their steps and formation. Twenty or so guards formed up with one another as they got into formation. Their plan was to create a shield wall. By combining their energies and quickly solidifying them, the guards hoped to form an impenetrable shield wall.

“Move!” The leader signalled his men to move forward as he yelled. The formation moved as one, their energies culminated into a protective umbrella. “Attack!” Came the order which signalled every guard to attack at once, sending forth their energies. Although they did not know who the attacker was, seeing how powerful he was, the guardsmen combined their strength in one all-out assault. All twenty of them raised their weapons, and charged forth in battle formation.

Before he knew it, Zephyr was surrounded by silver reflections, an all-out attack commenced, he found himself violently defending against their blows. As powerful as Zephyr was, the strength of twenty men combined was undoubtedly a lot for him, sending him on the defensive; their combined strength crushed Zephyr. Zephyr stood his ground, the force that struck him sent shockwaves through him and onto the ground, and cracked it!

“Kill him, kill him now!” One of the guards excitedly yelled after they saw that Zephyr was on the defensive. However, their relief did not last long. Zephyr quickly called out, “Seven Slashes – Second slash!” In an instant brief flashes of a blade could be seen, the blade popped in and out of the battlefield. All the remaining guards felt a great sting pass throughout their bodies. Not long, they were then flung away in a shocking burst.

Puck had just come out of the room, his face filled with shock. A body flew towards him before it split in half mid-flight, then, it landed right before him.