Chapter 38

Puck had more than 30 guards around the perimeter, yet all that was left standing were a handful! Each guard was at least a Strength of level five! All of them were handpicked by his father, Mist himself! The cream of the crop! “Just who in the h*ll are you? Why did you come, kill all my men, and intend on attacking me?! Do you wish to make yourself an enemy of the Khan?!” Puck hissed through gritted teeth, his voice quaked with anger. His gaze unrelenting, and fully focused on the man who stood before him, the man bathed in the fresh blood of his once honorable guards.

Zephyr pushed his hair back, and raised his head to face Puck, his eyes filled with dangerous intent. “You?!” as he saw Zephyr’s face, Puck could not help but guffaw. While others may not have recognized him, Puck knew Zephyr’s face well, Puck could never forget the man he had tried so hard to erase for so long. “Zephyr? How? You’re still alive?!” Puck said while laughing, this was all too strange for him. He could not believe that his attacker was Zephyr.

Such power, such terrible skills, such cold eyes, it was completely different from the Zephyr he knew. “I’m sorry to disappoint you, Puck!” said Zephyr, with a tone as chilly as the wind. “Hmph, so what if you’re not dead? I’ll give you credit though, I thought you’d be monster chow by now,” replied Puck. “But that doesn’t matter anymore! I don’t know how you got to be so strong, but once my father gets here, it will be all over for you!” Puck hissed, and then proceeded to smile proudly.

“Zephyr my old chap, let me give you some advice. Be a good boy and stand down! Put your arms down now and await corporal punishment!” he continued. Although he knew Zephyr was incredibly powerful, Puck was not afraid. The Khan was under Mist’s control, no matter how powerful Zephyr was, he could not hope to take on the entire clan. “Punishment?” Zephyr chuckled lightly. Seeing Zephyr’s reaction angered Puck greatly. “Yup! Zephyr, you just killed many Khan guardsmen, your punishment will be swift, and severe! Not only will you suffer, but your-“

Before Puck could finish his sentence, Zephyr disappeared, and in an instant, Puck felt a blow to his gut. Suddenly, Puck spat out a mouthful of blood, his body shivered from the strike, it felt as though his insides had been turned to mush. This pain was so intense for him that a gasp could barely be let out. “Hmph!” Zephyr grabbed him by the neck,and pulled him close. “Stop! Zephyr, what are you doing?” Cried Puck’s servant. “How dare you lay your hands on the Master Puck!” Another chimed in. It was here where his servants could react, with anger too. Zephyr was too quick for them.

“Shut up!” Zephyr gripped Puck’s neck tighter and that caused him to weakly cry out. Zephyr scanned his surroundings. His intense stare sent shivers down everyone’s spine, causing goosebumps on their skins. “Zephyr, how are you so strong? This is impossible! I’m a Strength of level seven!” hissed Puck through a mouth full of blood, it was obvious that he was in pain, yet, he still managed those words out.