Chapter 3
In his previous life, Zephyr was fortunate enough to get his hands on this forbidden tome, but was unable to put the knowledge to use. Accordingly, one had to be below 20 years of age to practice the Way as it required them to have an incomplete bone development. He had the potential and power to learn this godly boon, yet, was unable to overcome this divine skill. Zephyr considered that his greatest regret back then.

The Ancient Draconic Way was a strength-based art, once mastered, it would allow the user’s body to grow exponentially stronger. Mastering this Way could potentially be stronger than any other person on the planet. ‘Rumor has it that when it's fully mastered, the user may morph into a dragon and utilize it’s natural power — all strength, no weaknesses!’ thought Zephyr. “Dragons are the king of beasts, the powerhouses in this world!”

“If I can master this power, then nothing can stop me,” he puffed.

Zephyr’s excitement grew, but he did not let it get the best of him. He carefully recited the Way’s incantation, word for word, silently echoing it in his mind. His breathing steadied, and when he manifested the Way, a large influx of energy built steadily in him, almost as if it was about to burst out of him. His immediate surroundings felt like a black hole, draining all the spiritual energy around him. Within that moment, it felt as though the air itself was solid. Cones of energy built up, assimilated with one another and spun around him. It expanded into a cyclone without an end, and grew so big that it quickly encompassed his shack. Suddenly, the tempest came to a halt and crashed downwards — tables, benches, and flowerpots were all shattered instantly.

“DRAGON’S MIGHT!” howled Zephyr, his eyes lit up fiercely, bursting with energy and light. He quickly clamped his eyes shut, and felt the healing properties of the pill being fully absorbed. The spirit pill contained vast amounts of energy, strengthening the body in many ways, be it physical or spiritual and it was exactly what Zephyr needed. Lesser healing pills were too weak for his current needs; stronger pills would be wasted too as they would not be absorbed as well.

“Lincoln, despite what you think, your pills are working wonders!” Zephyr was fired up, but he held his excitement back, focusing his all on the Way, channeling his inner energy. At that moment, it felt like an eternity, yet a fleeting second.

Suddenly, Zephyr’s body began to emit a terrible sound, the sound of his bones shifted, almost like a dragon’s roar. “This is the Draconic bone morphing, I must hold on!” Zephyr struggled through gritted teeth. The shifted body mass caused him an intense pain, yet, Zephyr steeled himself, and continued focusing on the Way. Zephyr’s pain was so immense, that it felt as though a live dragon was clawing and writhing within him, shredding his bones, tendons, and devouring energy. He was in an unimaginable suffering state.

Zephyr’s face slightly contorted before violently spitting out fresh blood, it became too much for his body. His energy channels were slammed shut, his body was not ready for this. However, the Ancient Draconic Way was a forbidden power with unorthodox effects, it forced open his energy channels, and funneled it throughout his body. It felt as though his body was being torn asunder. The conjured Might grew immensely, and threatened to rip Zephyr apart. It was at this moment that the spirit pill’s properties finally manifested.

With a voice like thunder, Zephyr’s eyes shot open as he howled in pain. Two shafts of light shot out from his eyes, akin to two writhing playing dragons. A low buzz echoed throughout his shack. Before this, Zephyr’s energy channels were naturally deep, but now it had multiplied from it’s base. With that, there were no more blockages in his energy as his energy channels were unblocked by the Dragon.

Catching himself, Zephyr pondered… he will soon overtake everyone.