Chapter 40
Before long, Zephyr found himself before a great pagoda. The pagoda was bigger than the Khan hills, it was the greatest structure within the Khan. There were not many defenses around, only three armored guards stood guard at the base. These three men were each Strengths of level seven, each powerful in their own way. They stood guard whilst watching over Lincoln’s quarters, patrolling about with prideful glee. Zephyr knew these three.

They were Khan men, but turned to a life of being Lincoln’s lackeys. Although they were in their 30s, they were incredibly powerful. However, they were only so through Lincoln’s pills, which then explained their loyalty to him. “Boy, this is master Lincoln’s quarters, who gave you permission to enter? Get out of here!” The three of them yelled and blocked Zephyr’s approach. “Oh, it’s you, the b*stard. Why are you here?” One of the men asked sarcastically, once he recognized him. “Wait, something’s wrong, his body is covered in blood!” The other two exclaimed as they noticed this bloodstained person.

“First slash!” Zephyr stated as he sent out his blade. “No!” one of them muttered. The three men were caught in his attack. A burst of crimson erupted from where they stood, droplets rained across the ground and painted it red. Before this, Zephyr’s Earth-shatterer could wipe Strengths of level Eight, with his power now, what trouble could three idiots give him?

“Who dares?!” an angry voice howled. A great palm of mystical energy flew towards Zephyr’s way. This was no ordinary attack, the palm itself looked half-real. The attacker’s power was unmistaken. Following this initial attack, the air around grinded against itself. “Get out of my way!” yelled Zephyr, unmoving, he sent forth a fist to meet the palm. Although Zephyr did not want to fully rely on his Fist, sometimes, it can come in handy. Regardless, Zephyr’s Fists were as strong as ever.

The two hands met, and sent out a huge shockwave, creating a thunderous sound. The dust around kicked up, and brought about a blanket of dust. Zephyr’s attacker had not expected him to have such power, Zephyr’s Fist had crashed into him with such fury which sent him many steps back, revealing himself. Zephyr was unwavering, and pressed his advances to lock onto the man before him. Zephyr will not show this man mercy. Zephyr will never show him mercy. Today, Wesley, Lincoln's henchmens will die!

Wesley stared at Zephyr, wide eyed. He too was unable to believe the power Zephyr emitted. His palm still shook from the pain Zephyr dealt him. Wesley could not believe that such a great Fist, came from a fighter so beneath him.