Chapter 42
The voice rang like a great bell, followed by a blast of immense power. It came forth like an endless hunger, wanting to devour all before it. “Enough!” came the voice again, this time its origin made clear. A figure appeared before Zephyr, as if out of thin air, his movements were as fast as lightning.

He wore fine clothes which complimented his sturdy figure. The man was no more than 30, yet his aura exuded superiority. He was no ordinary combatant. His eyes carried great surprise and disgust. Upon resting his gaze on Zephyr, it quickly changed, it was as though he looked upon an insignificant insect, his pride was gleaming. It was Lincoln, the Khan’s personal medicine man, the most hated man in Zephyr’s life, past and present.

Lincoln emitted an intimidating aura, one which surrounded not only his body, but the air around him. He was a powerful combatant without a doubt. Zephyr noticed that Lincoln had yet to enter the Agility level; he was still a Strength of level nine, an inconsequential level to Zephyr. “It would seem that I have underestimated you Zephyr, for an ant such as yourself to be so flamboyantly opposed!” said Lincoln, “I was too careless… If I wasn’t so busy, I would have killed you myself!” he continued as he waved his hands nonchalantly, refusing to acknowledge Zephyr’s presence. He carried himself as if he could finish Zephyr off with a pinch.

Zephyr stood motionless for a while, listening to what Lincoln had to say before he put more pressure upon Wesley. Zephyr jeered, “Heh… you’re just the Khan’s family pooch, stop your delusions of grandeur!” Wesley, seeing Lincoln stand before him, could not help but spew excitedly, “Zephyr, you b*stard, how dare you curse Master Lincoln! How about you kneel now and beg for his mercy!” Although Zephyr stood on him, he knew that Zephyr would not dare kill him.

“Rightly so, Zephyr. Release Wesley at once and beg for my mercy. You may be the Khan heir, but your assault against me warrants enough for me to kill you!” demanded Lincoln. “Is that so?” Zephyr replied, a smile hung across his lips. Lincoln remained calm, making no sudden movements, nor any effort to regard Zephyr’s presence. Lincoln knew, no matter how strong Zephyr was, he would not strike him down. After all, Lincoln was the Khan’s personal medicine man, were he to just disappear, the entire clan would lose their formidability. “Zephyr my boy, hurry up and-“

Before Lincoln could finish, Zephyr raised his leg and let his foot come down suddenly and forcefully upon Wesley’s temple, ending him with a disgusting squelch. Seeing this, Lincoln’s eyes went wide, he then raised his finger at Zephyr, “You… dare!?” He had not expected Zephyr to be this sure, to kill Wesley right in front of him. “Zephyr… you… you will regret doing that. Not even Mist himself can save you now,” with that, Lincoln snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, the air around the both of them felt as though it disappeared, siphoned away through unknown means. It was nigh impossible to breathe. A loud, booming sound echoed before the plaza, and with that, came a great palm the size of a hill, coming towards Zephyr. If there were any doubts that Lincoln was close to being an Agility fighter, there were not any left. However, Zephyr scoffed at his attack, “Save it,” he cried, and ignited Lightfoot.