Chapter 44

Suddenly, a gentle voice rang out behind Zephyr. In that moment, the anger that filled Zephyr’s face dissipated almost immediately, he quickly turned his head to meet the voice. There, he saw Leah, tears in her eyes, rushing out to greet him. Her eyes were puffy, her cheeks were tear stained, she was shaken. Zephyr felt relieved to see her clothes untouched, Lincoln had not touched her. “Leah!”

Zephyr called out to her, not before he kicked Lincoln away. He embraced Leah tightly, unwilling to part ever again. “Leah, how are you?” Zephyr asked, seeing Leah’s worried look on her face. “I’m… I’m fine, master, you’re… fine! That’s great!” she replied happily, relieved. Seeing Zephyr, Leah felt more concerned over him than herself. Zephyr, who realized this, could not help but ache a little inside.

“Quick! Get this traitorous B*stard out of my sight! If he fights back, kill him,” Mist ordered, his voice filled with anger. Mist could only feel anger upon seeing Lincoln’s battered and broken body be carried away.

“Yes sir!”

A row of Khan guardsmen drew their weapons and rushed towards Zephyr. “Get behind me, Leah!” ordered Zephyr calmly, putting him before her, he held her hand tight. It was now time to reveal his true power.

Zephyr’s eyes straightened, his Focus unleashed, a thousand cuts rushed out of him. As long as Leah was fine, everything was fine. So, what if he could never come home? Zephyr had long ago abandoned the Khan as his family. Zephyr steeled himself for the great battle that was to come.

Suddenly, a cheerful laugh rang out, followed by a voice from outside, “Hahaha… Mist Khan, what have you gotten yourself into?” It sounded like a tiger had spoken, commanding and powerful. A group of armored guards entered, within stood a middle-aged man, slowly striding by. His posture was royal, his expression stern yet calm, his presence heavy and impactful. Although the man looked to be in his 40s, he had the energy and expressions of a youngster.

Seeing this man appear, Zephyr quieted, slowly lowered his sword, and held onto Leah closer. “My Lord! Why have you come?” Mist asked while he quickly bowed respectfully, his face showed fear and respect. “Although I come unannounced, can you really blame me with all the hullabaloo going on here?” answered the mayor, face filled with smiles, though, his gaze never once left Zephyr. The man before them was Bruce Starr, the mayor of Starlight City.

Zephyr recognized the man immediately, Bruce and his father were close friends after all, going as far as being called battle brothers. In his previous life, Bruce had sent an envoy to the Khan household after he heard of Zephyr’s escape, he demanded both an explanation, and Zephyr himself. Ever since, Zephyr had felt an earnest gratitude for Bruce. “Sir, please forgive me, this is all so… unfortunate. Please, allow me to arrest Zephyr the traitor first, then, I will host a grand feast for you, sir!” begged Mist. “Mist, are you really that ignorant? Or are you just feigning ignorance?” chuckled Bruce, smiles on display towards Mist. “My Lord, what do you mean?” Mist asked while he forced out a smile, his voice left slight hints of fear.