Chapter 47
For a clan to reach a Status, it would definitely elevate them above the rest. Only those with histories that spanned thousands of generations would have this Status. Under normal circumstances, for one to reach a status level, they would have to enroll into an academy.

Therefore, Mist was baffled. “Although the technique he used was common, it had an eerie mystical effect, and it paralyzed me!” Puck said, and let out a shiver at the thought of Zephyr’s punishment. “Impossible. No one in Starlight City has achieved a Status, how could Zephyr achieve that?” Mist sighed, shaking his head. If Zephyr could hear their conversation, he would have laughed at how pathetic they sounded. After all, his Earthquake Fist was never a sought after move, but with the augmentation from his Focus, it was not to be underestimated. Whether it had helped Zephyr reach a Status, was still debatable.

“Quick! Find out what’s going on! The absence of evidence does not equal the evidence of absence! We must find out how Zephyr got to this level, even if Starr obstructs us, we must!” Mist ordered. “Besides, I heard Starr would be leaving Starlight again, even if we kill Zephyr, he couldn’t do anything anyway!” he barked his order at Puck. Despite what others may say, Starlight City belonged to the Khan.

The courtyard was big, the house, bigger. It had lush flowers and leaves, refreshing clear streams, and faux hills. “Master, is this really our new home?” Leah asked excitedly. It was no doubt ten times better than their old, run-down shack. “Yup, this is our new home,” Zephyr said nodding, his guard kept, nonetheless. Looking at the attendants around, the servants, the handmaidens, a faint smile crept onto his lips. These were no mere attendants however, but trained fighters, who albeit weak, were here to monitor him, Zephyr knew. Zephyr also knew Mist Khan would not stand for the slight he made against Lincoln and Puck. Although Mist has not made a move, Zephyr figured he was probably biding his time, waiting for a chance to strike. ‘All he’ll find is a hard time; he’ll have to contend with Bruce too!’ Zephyr thought. Bruce Starr was the mayor of Starlight after all, no matter how strong the Khan tried to be, they will always be below Bruce.

‘I might be a Strength of level eight now, but with my Focus and my sword skills, not even Strengths of level nine are a match!’ Zephyr thought. “Were I to combine that with my Might, not even Agility fighters stand a chance!” Zephyr knew no matter how hard Mist tried; he would never be defeated. As he pondered upon this, he slowly clenched his fists then gave off a loud sigh, and hurried along somewhere.

A loud crashing sound rang out. The sounds of gushing water crashed against rocks that passed, accompanied by the rush of the waterfall down towards a figure below. Zephyr stood below the waterfall, naked as a baby as he allowed the water to wash over him. His feet were planted firmly onto the boulder below, no matter how hard the currents pushed, Zephyr was unmoving. “It’s weak,” Zephyr said. He had trained himself to a level far beyond what the waterfall’s waves could do for him.