Chapter 48
“Looks like I’ll have to look for a new way to train!” Zephyr sighed. He put out his right arm, “Come!” With that, a white light flashed across the sky, then landed in Zephyr’s hand. His sword filled with Focus, and vibrated in his hand. He gripped it tightly before he sent an arcing slash towards the waterfall. “Seven Slash – Fifth Slash!”

A wave of shimmering light cascaded its way towards the waterfall, fragmenting once before merging back together to form an energy spiral. The flow of the waterfall yielded to the spiral, and somehow started to flow backwards. Seeing this, Zephyr did not stop, once again, summoned his true energy. “Sixth Slash!” Here, his sword had manifested itself beyond its original length, it’s draw now 300ft in length, solidifying into a great sword. Zephyr sent it against the waterfall, effectively cutting it in half. A loud cracking and crumbling ensued, and the once great waterfall was seen split down the middle into two streams. It did not stop there however; the stream had split all the way to its source.

Zephyr’s attack had sent a million rocks and pebbles into the air, each and every one of them fell down like the rain soon after. “The Seven Slashes live up to its legend!” Zephyr exclaimed. He was very satisfied with this power. He gave off a small sigh after; in his previous life, Zephyr had seen many techniques, each legendary in its own right. Yet, since he was unable to even learn them, he did not bother to remember their methods. Even the Seven Slashes was considered a common move, not worthy of much excellence. “If only I knew I could reincarnate, I would have observed and learned more techniques. I would even have many Mind-attuned masters!” Zephyr sighed.

However, Zephyr did not give up. Although his Seven Slashes was nothing grand, it was definitely better than an average Body-attuned novice. One could stack each Slash above each Slash, thus, creating an unending mountain of damage. Were one to stack his Slashes till the Seventh, its power would be unimaginable.

Suddenly, a rustling came behind him. Before he knew it, a figure appeared immediately behind Zephyr, and kneeled to the ground to greet him. “Master!” Zephyr’s face was calm, he had already expected him to appear here. Zephyr turned to face Lewis who groveled on the ground in respect. “Rise, Lewis,” Zephyr commanded. “Thank you, My Lord!” Lewis replied.

Lewis slowly rose from the ground, his movements carried much respect for the young man who stood before him, slow and methodical. Once Lewis met Zephyr’s gaze, his jaw could not help but drop as he noticed the power he exuded, and the great scar on the waterfall he had just left. He wondered if a Strength of level nine was even capable of such a feat. If there were any doubts he had before regarding following Zephyr, they were definitely gone now. “Hmm, not bad at all Lewis, you’re a Strength of level six now!” Zephyr remarked, after taking a good look at him. “It’s all thanks to your generous gifts My Lord, if it weren’t for your pills, I would still be a measly weakling!” Lewis replied excitedly. He was an old man, his potential was average. Indeed, if it were not for Zephyr’s gifted pills, he would be quite an average person. “This is just the beginning, if you do as I say, you will be well rewarded further down the line!” Zephyr promised, and then continued, “However, if I catch you with any other motives, I will not hesitate to forgo our agreement and more!” he continued sternly as he stared coldly into Lewis’ eyes. “I, Lewis, hereby swear, I will never betray you, My Lord!” Lewis screamed and immediately dropped to his knees.