Chapter 49
Lewis was not stupid. Although Zephyr had only given him a measly spirit pill, he felt how much more powerful it was than the usual pills dispensed by the Khan. Besides, Zephyr had given him ten of them, it was a very generous gift. Lewis could only guess as to how Zephyr got his hands on them; Zephyr had his own personal medicine man! Medicine men were well respected throughout the land, this can be seen in how Lincoln was treated by the Khan. The medicine men can be categorized into nine levels: from a one starred healer to a nine starred wizard, the quality of their pills followed the same ranking. There were not many medicine men around, in the whole of Starlight, only two have been seen.

Lincoln was only a medicine man of the lowest tier, yet he was paraded around Khan grounds like royalty. It was frightening to think about the prowess the medicine man behind Zephyr had. This guess had further strengthened Lewis’ resolve to follow Zephyr. However, the truth was, Zephyr himself was the man behind the pills. It was hard to blame Lewis for not knowing, after all, the requirements to become a medicine man were too strict, and too demanding. Only a select few had the right, and the skill, to become one. Besides, Zephyr was never formally trained before, how could Lewis know?

“Good. Well, tell me, what news do you bring?” Zephyr asked while he nodded knowingly. “My Lord!” Lewis began, “Your place in the Khan has risen dramatically! Those that supported you before have now taken to protecting you!

“Mist himself no longer dares to oppose you publicly, However, the servants that he had sent your way were all there to spy on you.

“Also, Lincoln had stopped producing pills due to his injuries!”

Lewis revealed all that he knew. Zephyr nodded slightly when he heard this, they were valuable information. “Never knew there were those that supported me back home,” Zephyr sighed. “Yes My Lord, in fact, there is one more thing I need to tell you,” Lewis replied suddenly. “What is it?” Zephyr pressed. “From what I hear, among those who support you, is your uncle,” Lewis replied. “Hmm?” Zephyr pressed, curious.

The uncle in question was none other than Spout Khan, youngest brother of the three head Khans. However, Spout Khan was a private person, he rarely showed himself. He did not care much for his position in the Khan either. Zephyr had only met Spout a few times in his previous life, never once did he think that Spout supported him. “Yes My Lord! In fact, he has been supporting you in the shadows! He often secretly helped you when you were in danger,” Lewis replied. This news shocked Zephyr. Zephyr contemplated further, if it were not for Spout’s interference, no doubt Mist would have killed him earlier. “This is great news!” Zephyr exclaimed, and nodded approvingly.

A bright moon rose into the night sky, its silver glow illuminated everything beneath it. Under the moonlight, a man held a longsword, and sent forth his energy, this allowed his manifestations to clash against one another, thus, causing beautiful yet almost invisible shimmers to echo throughout the night sky. The mystical swords flew about in tight formation, their Focus’ were fierce. It looked as though the entire night sky was covered in swords. It was here, right outside the perimeter of the sword’s tempest, a group of four who hid in the forest.