Chapter 52
This wave of energy appeared out of nowhere, and caught Zephyr by surprise, regardless of his power. He was paralyzed. “Who dares trespass on my land!” A booming voice rang out from the face of the cliff, it’s voice old and stern. “It’s a Khan, Zephyr Khan, here to meet with the Old Khan!” replied Zephyr loudly. “Zephyr Khan?” the voice replied, it had a curious tone. It soon returned to its cold demeanor, “This is not the place you should be, go away with haste!”

A loud hum vibrated around Zephyr which followed the voice, the crushing air around him hummed along. “The Khan Elders, please hear me out! The Khan are in terrible danger! Please, reveal yourselves and help us!” Zephyr replied, not backing down, and steeled himself to withstand the pressure above. He was not going to give up. The Khan Elders were not just elders, but ancient ancestors. Their powers were great, and always have been. They have protected the Khan for many years. However, not many knew of them. Only the original bloodline knew of their existence, the true legacy. Regardless, the Elders were docile, and would rarely show themselves. Only when the Khan were truly in grave danger, would they reveal themselves to save all.

“Lies! The Khan are in a time of peace! Where is this danger you speak of?”

“Leave! Do not take us for simple entertainment!”

The two voices angrily cried out, one after the other, a balance of powers. The crushing force once again rained down upon Zephyr, and shook him to his core, this forced him to take a step back. “What power!” he exclaimed. ‘It would seem what I heard about in my previous life was not hearsay and fairy tales!’ he thought. “The Elders were Agility fighters! Who knew the Khan had such a trump card!” he spoke in awe. Zephyr was entranced by the existence of the Elders, he only knew of them by chance in his previous life.

Zephyr steadied himself before he allowed his energies to explode out, “Forgive me, Khan Elders!” Zephyr had stopped backpedaling. He conjured the energy within him, a rising tempest, and through it forced his steps forward, one foot at a time. A draconic roar came forth from within, and with each step Zephyr took, the ground shook. Each step, a cannon blasted. The two powers were locked in battle.

“Oh?” the Khan Elder uttered, it was unexpected for a junior’s power to be so potent. “Hmph, who knew the Khan would have such a prodigy!” another followed. “However, can you really withstand us?” the other continued. Suddenly, the two Elders combined their powers, and sent forth a charging pair of tigers, impacted into Zephyr, ready to teach this imprudent junior a lesson.

Another roar came out from Zephyr, it did not submit. “Earth-shatterer!” Zephyr screamed, sending a great punch forward, unyielding to the Elders’ attack. At this point, Zephyr had mastered Earth-shatterer. Although it was nowhere near the strength of his Focus of the Sword, it was enough to stop the Elders’ onslaught, and it sent their energy wall asunder.

“What power! You impress us!”

“You’re no more than sixteen years of age, yet you’re already so strong! Impressive!”

The two voices rang out, carrying hints of shock and respect.