Chapter 53
Borrowing strength from the Way, Zephyr’s Earth-shatterer was augmented greatly, this allowed him to bypass the two Agiles’ power. “Don’t get too cocky yet, boy!” a voice rang out, they then sent forth another blast of energy. Two blasts formed above Zephyr, akin to palms, and it crashed down upon him. ‘Oh crap,’ Zephyr thought, unexpecting of their power. “Take this, our combined might! Heaven’s Palm!” their voices rang out.

This attack was too much for Zephyr to bear, not even Earth-shatterer could stop it. Zephyr was forced to take a few steps back. “You forced our Heaven’s Palm… impressive, now leave!” a voice ordered. “I am not leaving until I get an audience!” Zephyr calmly said, and gathered himself. He slowly tightened his grip around his sword, readying his next move. “Let’s see what you’re made of, kid!” a voice crudely called out, it then sent forth a Palm. “Seven Slashes – First Slash!” Zephyr retorted, sending forth a stream of bladed attacks.

The Palm crashed down on Zephyr, and held on to him tightly. Zephyr was once again paralyzed, this time, truly unable to move a muscle. “Heh, he’s not bad, forcing our hand like this!” sighed one of them. “Not bad, not bad indeed! It is good to know the Khan has a prodigy as thee!” the other continued. “He’s still young, shall we teach him some manners?” the other replied.

Suddenly, a loud explosion rang out. “What? Impossible!” both voices called out. Zephyr had broken free from the restraints, his body, surrounded by waves of swords. It had cracked itself upon their Palms, however, the Palms themselves were nearly destroyed from that. “Sixth Slash!” cried Zephyr. His bladed energies whirled around for a bit, like a fierce tiger, before the blades found themselves flying towards the sky. Zephyr was carried out of their grasp with a thundering crack, riding the eye of the sword storm out. The once plain and weak-looking man had suddenly conjured enough energy to escape the suffocating grip of the Old Khan.

“A great warrior, it seems!” a voice rang out. However, it sounded angry, sarcastic even, like it was displeased with Zephyr’s move. “It’s been a while, hasn’t it!” Both voices called out, readying their next move. “Kneel!” Their voices came, followed by huge hand manifestations. This attack was stronger than those that came before, the Old Khan had finally shown their true power.