Chapter 55
“Zephyr my boy, I’m so sorry,” Typhoon’s tone was wracked with guilt. He raised his head slowly, an old visage stared back at Zephyr. Typhoon had aged a lot, regardless, Zephyr knew the old man before him was really his grandfather – Typhoon Khan. “Grandfather, what happened? Why are your energies so low, so weak? Why is your spirit so gravely wounded? What happened?!” Zephyr’s eyes were wide with rage, he was angry beyond belief. His eyes spoke a thousand words, all connoted with rage and anger. Even the two Elders felt Zephyr’s wrath emanate from him. “This one sure has some fight!” the Elders sighed.

“I was secretly attacked, and it forced me to go into hiding to treat my wounds! However, their attacks were too strange. After so long, even with the Old Khan’s help, I have not recovered!

“Zephyr my boy, the suffering you endured these years, I am aware, yet unable to do anything! I am so sorry,” Typhoon said, unable to control his own tears after. “Who hurt you, grandfather? You are almost without a rival in all of Starlight!” replied Zephyr.

“There is a dark substance within Typhoon’s body, it has been eating away at this energy, and his spirit since. It is too strange, even for us. We tried,” one of the Elders said. “If you hadn’t come today, Typhoon may not have gotten a chance to see you again.” He continued, “Typhoon would not have lasted another few years, the substance can only be held off for so long!”

“And I am the rightful patriarch of the Khan clan, as long as I’m hidden, no one will know of my situation, no one in Starlight would dare attack the Khan!

“However, how could I just stand by and watch as my beloved grandson suffers!” said Typhoon quietly as he clenched his fists, body shook lightly.

Zephyr however, kept an unfeeling look. He knew there was obviously a ploy at play. Typhoon Khan had reached the Agility level and had been the Khan patriarch for many years. Were Typhoon to fall, many would come to challenge the Khan. “Nonetheless, I am very happy and pleased to see how my boy had grown so much despite the horrid conditions. You’ve come far Zephyr, you’ve come far.” Typhoon said while he smiled, and nodded weakly at Zephyr. However, his expression told no lies, he was in intense pain.

“How are you, grandfather?” Zephyr asked, instinctively, he reached out to touch his grandfather’s body. “Do not touch him!” the two Elders shouted, they were but a second too late. Right as Zephyr laid his hand on Typhoon, a sudden surge of dark energies rushed his way, much like a venomous snake, boring its fangs into him. The energies had entered Zephyr’s bloodstream, Zephyr’s energy channels, rapidly ate away at him.

“Zephyr, you must expel this energy now!” the two Elders shouted in unison, their voices filled with worry. Typhoon himself expressed not only pain, but self-blame, wondering why had he not stopped Zephyr.