Chapter 56
“Hmph, this is nothing!” Zephyr huffed, his eyes suddenly beamed with light. He let out a roar which signaled the coming of the Way, and manifested draconic energies to wipe out the intrusion. Roar, after roar, after roar, it all stormed out of Zephyr, thundering the palace. Typhoon and the Old Khan could only watch in shock as Zephyr expelled the bad energy out of his body through wisps of dark smoke. It was the Way of the Dragon after all.

It was an ancient yet powerful technique, one which had no rival to, nothing could withstand it. Although short, the technique quickly expelled the toxins within Zephyr. “Power! What power!” an Elder cried out. He was tall and strong, his body ablazed in unceasing energy, no doubt a user of Sunflare. “Zephyr is strong! He overcame the impossible, a great energy that even we couldn’t withstand. Typhoon might have a chance!” another Elder followed. Although he was dressed in rags, he emanated a great wave of energy. His body was surrounded in a flowy yet steady stream of energy, a clear practitioner of Flow.

Zephyr exhaled deeply, and then spit out the remaining toxins within. “Zephyr my boy, how are you so powerful? You were great, incredible!” Typhoon asked, his face filled with shock. Zephyr had taken a chunk of Typhoon’s parasite and eliminated it; he immediately showed improvements. “Grandfather… I was… given a great boon…” Zephyr proceeded to relay his experiences in detail to Typhoon and the Elders, however, he kept his reincarnation and the Way secret. These were better kept secret to avoid trouble, after all.

“Mist you traitorous b*stard! How dare you… I understand that you have suffered a lot, Zephyr, yet, to hear him plan to murder you, I-!” Typhoon’s voice was cold, and angry. “Grandfather, I don’t believe things are as they seem! Mist had conspired with the Sun for a while now, I suspect your assassin might be related to Mist’s scheme!” Zephyr had spilled his hunch. “Hmph, Mist you b*stard, how did I end up raising a traitor?!” Typhoon exclaimed through gritted teeth. “It would seem we have been forgotten!” the Sunflared Elder spoke sarcastically.

After talking for some time, Zephyr finally knew who the Elders were. The Sunflared Elder was an ancient Khan, the second oldest of them. The Flow Elder was the oldest Khan, his position in the family was held in such high esteem. “Dear Elders, you swore before, if any harm were to come to the Khan, so much so that if it endangered us as a whole, you would show yourselves!” Typhoon pleaded. “The Khan are now in a predicament, we need you!”

“You’re right Typhoon, your assassin must’ve been a Sun… this is all a Sun scheme!”

“The Sun might have a secret fighter with such capabilities… we must act!” The older Elder spoke. All of them quickly began formulating a plan.