Chapter 59
Wards were something Zephyr learned in his previous life, it was used to constrict spirits and creatures’ souls. The stronger the user’s spirit was, the more effective their wards were. Zephyr casted the ward over the Serpent, constricted it, and captured it. The Serpent did not react, almost as if it felt nothing, the injury it sustained must have been grave. “I’m not sure if this ward would last long, but it’s all I can do for now!” sighed Zephyr. Zephyr shuddered at the thought of another great beast appearing in his realm. “However, your energy would help me very much,” Zephyr continued. He nodded at the Serpent, before he began to absorb and ingest its essence. However, Zephyr did not realize, right as he closed his eyes, the Serpent opened theirs.

The Serpent’s eyes glowed as it scanned the area, and stopped at Zephyr, yet it did nothing, and closed its eyes again. Time passed little by little, and Zephyr got what he wanted. His spiritual powers have increased manifold from the Serpent’s ‘gift’. Zephyr decided to train his spirit this way, every day.

Half a month passed since Zephyr began his training. On this day, something happened within his mind’s eye. Zephyr let out a burst of great energy, a great roar came from within Zephyr, and echoed throughout his realm, this sent shockwaves everywhere. A draconic roar. Zephyr could not help but feel happy, the roar signaled Zephyr’s vast improvements. “I am now a four-starred medicine man!” he said while he smiled greatly. However, this would soon be interrupted as Lewis ran hastily towards Zephyr’s room.

Zephyr exhaled deeply, in just half a month, his spirit had been exponentially boosted. He felt the changes this brought about, his five senses tingled with heightened sensitivity. “As a four-starred medicine man, I can definitely create powerful pills and elixirs!” he happily exclaimed. However, his celebration was cut short as Lewis’ scream rang through the area. “Master, are you there?”

Zephyr frowned, and calmly replied, “Enter. What is-” Lewis entered before Zephyr’s sentence even ended, his face full of sweat. “My Lord! This is bad! The Khan were attacked! They’re badly hurt!” Zephyr’s frown intensified. “What?!” Zephyr continued, “The Khan clan is one of the two great clans of Starlight, who dares attack us?”

“Accordingly, it was the Sun! They’ve always seen us as an annoyance on their territory! The reason for this conflict stemmed from a co-owned quarry,” Lewis replied. “According to a past agreement, the Sun were given the right to mine for a while, before returning it to the Khan. Yet, they are now unwilling to honor their word!” Zephyr gritted his teeth after Lewis finished speaking. He then said, “The Sun! Let’s go and take a look!”