Chapter 60
Mist was seated in the Khan grand palace, to his sides were rows of Khan people that quarreled with one another. Outside, stood more Khan people. “Hmph, the Khan will not stand for this insult! My Lord, how can we allow our great clan of Khan be attacked like this?” shouted a middle-aged man angrily. The angry man was one of the Khan elders. “The Sun has been around longer than we have, if we were to push back, it would no doubt lead to dire consequences,” another elder calmly retorted. “Is this what the Khan have come to? A sheltering turtle?” the angry elder replied. “The Sun have insulted us for far too long! If we continue to let them have their way, the other factions in Starlight would never respect us again!” he continued. “This time, the Sun has gone too far! In fact, it is solely their fault! We can’t let them get away with this!” another leader argued.

“He’s right!”

“That’s true!”

“Agreed, we are not in the wrong here!”

“We can’t afford to back off here!”

“F*ck’s sake, Zenith himself would have taken the Sun out by now, he wouldn't have stood for this!”

The Khan raised their voices, clearly displeased with Mist’s inaction.

Mist slammed his table, his expression unpleasant. He had not spoken a word since the debate began, and yet, everything came to a stop. It was pin drop silence as all eyes were on Mist Khan. He clenched his fists, coldly stated, “Do you not think I am worthy to be the Khan patriarch?” His voice was stern, angry, terrible, his eyes locked onto the Khan leader who spoke against him. Seeing Mist as he stared him down, the leader quickly changed his tune. After all, Mist was way stronger than he was, the strongest of the Khan even. Mist’s directed energy had sent shivers down the leader’s spine.

“If I’m not mistaken, the Sun has Agility fighters. The only Agile we have, is my father, Typhoon! And he has been gone for years now! Who knows if he’s ever returning!” Mist shouted, his tone was commanding and terrible, it shut everyone up. “Without my father’s assistance, if we were to go to war with the Sun, there can only be one ending!” he continued. “For now, we can only tolerate them. Only through this, shall the Khan remain strong, become strong! Soon, we shall never fear the Sun again!” he stated. “This is the price we must pay to maintain our presence, our clan. Letting a few of their slights slide is a good price, isn’t it?”

“Our lord is right, we have no strength to face the Sun!” One of Mist’s underlings quickly replied. Following this, the Khan leaders that supported Mist nodded in tandem.

“He’s right, how are we to fight the Sun?”

“What’s the point of wasting our men, our lives for a few slights? I support our Lord’s decision!”

“Right, it’s just a temporary setback. We would never fear the Sun!”

Once again, the debate raged on.