Chapter 61
Seeing the uproar of support the other Khan leaders had for Mist, the ones that opposed him initially had no choice but to lower their heads and cower. However, nothing could sway their disappointment in Mist. The same went for the clansmen that were outside, some were pleased with Mist’s answer while some despised his inaction. Nonetheless, more were against Mist than with him. Mist’s inaction had planted a seed of disappointment amongst the younger clansmen. They were unable to comprehend how their lord could let others cross them like this, were they really that small as compared to the Sun? Regardless, the bitter truth was, no matter how displeased they were with Mist Khan, none were strong enough to oppose him. After all, Mist was the top fighter of the Khan.

“That’s the spirit, that’s right! Now, do you understand why I do what I do?” Mist said whilst he nodded at his supporters. He would not forget those who opposed him however, and made an effort to remember each leader that did. Mist would not allow such a group of insubordinates to linger, less he would lose his patriarchy. “My Lord, the Sun have gravely wounded us in this bout, are we really just going to sit by and let them bully us?” a young man piped up, he made his thoughts known. “How dare you! So what if we are wounded? Are we so weak that we can’t stand for a little bruise? How are we to grow if we crumble at each bruise we get? Do you all really want me to waste Khan resources and go to war with the Sun?” Mist shouted across the hall. “Hmph! Mist Khan, you are but a coward, shivering in fear of the Sun! Get off your high horse!” A voice suddenly echoed from the outside.

“Who dares!?” Mist demanded. “How dare you insult your own lord? Who are you?! Show yourself!” With a huff, the heckler revealed himself, and entered the hall.


“What is he doing here?!”

“What does the b*stard want?!”

“What b*stard? Have you not heard? He crippled Puck, Lincoln, and killed Wesley!” someone whispered.

“Killed Wesley? Crippled master Lincoln? How can this be! Zephyr’s not that strong!”

“It’s true, I’ve always hated Lincoln, he was nothing but a pet to the Khan, and yet so bold!” said Zephyr.


Slowly, the voices rose again, many from the juniors who supported Zephyr. “Quiet!” yelled Mist. “Zephyr, everyone before you is your elder! A Khan leader! What gives you the right to come in and speak?!” he yelled louder as he squinted at Zephyr. “As the rightful heir, of course I have the right!” Zephyr spoke, “When my father was around, were the Khan so weak? Would the Khan let anyone disrespect them?!” Puck appeared beside Mist and pointed at Zephyr, “Zephyr you c*r! How dare you step foot here?!” Zephyr turned his righteous gaze to Puck and exclaimed, “Shut your mouth!” Puck could only mutter at that retort, he found himself taking a few steps back at the reminder of Zephyr’s aggression. Some leaders felt the need to back off too, after they saw Puck’s tail between his legs. Others showed ecstatic faces, they were eager to welcome the young heir. Mist however, kept a cold face, he barely hid his anger.

“Zephyr, how dare you! Just because you’ve had some wins, doesn’t mean you can be so cocky! Guards, escort Zephyr to the cells at once!” Mist barked. “Yes, M Lord!” replied the guardsmen, who entered immediately. Each of them emitted a sense of great strength and incredible skill; they were Mist’s personal honor guard.