Chapter 63
Zephyr would have never guessed that Spout Khan had reached a Strength of level nine, even on the verge of achieving the Agility level! He was stronger than Mist by a long shot. Seeing hits, Zephyr could not help but sigh, had Spout wanted to take over the Khan, he could have done it so easily. “Zephyr boy, why so quaint?” Spout spoke, then smiled towards Zephyr, his smile full of welcome and approval. “What are you doing here, Spout?” asked Mist crudely, his expression was wary. “You should know why I am here. In the beginning, I did not resist you overtaking the role of the Khan patriarchy, this was because I was waiting for Zephyr to be ready. Once he was, I would support his return to his rightful place,” Spout replied calmly. “All these years, I had never interfered with Khan business,” he continued. “Up until now!”

An explosive wave of energy emanated from Spout, a tempest unlike any other. Spout locked his gaze with Mist while he stated, “That does not mean that I am not aware of what happens!” His voice rose, “For all these years, I left you in charge as regent thinking that Zephyr was not ready, believing that nothing could go wrong”—he paused and clenched his fists—“and yet here you are, scheming and conspiring to kill your own nephew!”

“Zephyr is now a grown man, it is time that I interfere and restore our rightful patriarch to his seat!” Spout concluded. “What? You would help this c*r steal my throne?!” Mist yelled, his body quaked, either in fear or anger. “That’s right! You were only a regent after all! I had never interfered before, but I think it is high time you pass on the position!” stated Spout decisively.

Mist scoffed. “I have led the Khan to glory, I have sacrificed so much for our well-being! Do you think I will give up my title so easily? Just because you asked?! Never!” Mist yelled. “I believe Spout is right, abdicate!” An elderly man rose to his seat and stated his opinion. “He is right! Mist’s leadership has deteriorated the Khan beyond repair! He is not suited to be the patriarch!” In an instant, a crowd of Khan leaders rose up against Mist. “Traitors! The whole lot of you! Our lord has been fair and just! Generous and wise! I disagree with all of this!” retorted a Mist supporter. “Me too! Do you not see our lord’s sacrifices?!” another piped up.

“Enough, all of you!” Spout commanded, his voice rang like thunder. A great pressure came over the hall, and blanketed everyone with an inexplicable weight. Puck could not help but cough up a mouthful of blood at this, seeing as how he was currently the weakest Khan. “Spout, you b*stard!” Mist yelled after he saw how his son was harmed like this, he barely held on with his instinct to lash out.

It was over for Mist, he had dealt his hands. Clansmen from all ages could only view the once proud leader with nothing but contempt and jeers. Failure to improve the Khan circumstances may be overlooked, but not defending their pride and name? That was hard to let slip.