Chapter 65
“Guess I’m just lucky!” Zephyr said, unwilling to divulge too much information. “You must keep your guard up, especially tonight,” said Spout, who nodded approvingly. He did not ask anything else, he just sipped his drink through gentle laughter.

Night came. The surrounding was dark, the clouds blocked the moon. It had already been an unpleasant occasion, the environment just accentuated it. The Khan household was lively, the courtyard filled with lanterns, and the inhabitants were noisy. It was a lively occasion nonetheless. “Hahaha… enjoy yourselves, please! Although I did not bring much to the table, I still want to thank all of you for your support!” said Mist to everyone around him, his cup high in the air. He was a tad drunk. His face was red. “Drink up Zachary, drink up! You said it! I was never a good leader! I do not deserve to lead the Khan!” He sang to one of the Khan leaders. Zachary Khan was the first to openly oppose Mist.

Zachary did not resist, and downed his cup of wine. “Great! Good on you Zach, let us have some more!” Mist said while he smiled. “My Lord, I shouldn’t,” Zachary replied while he shaked his head. “What? Am I not good enough?” Mist’s smile disappeared, replaced with a look of contempt. “My Lord, Zachary is not a heavy drinker, everyone knows that. Please do not fret over this, come let’s have another,” seeing Mist’s angry expression, many shuddered where they stood, a Khan leader quickly stepped in to help. “Hmph, I am still the lord! How dare you reject me? Everyone, get lost! I want to drink with Zach!” Mist yelled. Everyone silenced at his outburst. “Hmph, and if I refuse, what will you do, Mist?” replied Zachary. “I do not follow you. I do not respect you. Would you be so bold after today when Zephyr takes over? Who are you?” he said angrily, while he slammed the table.

Nearby, Zephyr sat and observed in silence. He knew Mist had something in mind. ‘Spout was right, it was going to be a long night!’ Zephyr thought while he readied himself. Suddenly, a voice called out behind him. “B*stard, you must be ecstatic!” Zephyr frowned and turned to see Puck staring at him with great disdain, his hand held a cup of wine. “Master?” said Lewis, who stood beside Zephyr, felt the disturbance too. “I understand, take care of yourself,” Zephyr replied, and shook his head thereafter. “Alright,” Lewis replied, his tone was solemn and wary.