Chapter 69
Many Khan leaders died that night; those who were killed by Mist, and those who were killed by the black-garbed assassins. Typhoon Khan was of no help, he sentenced all who supported Mist and his endeavours to the sword. Essentially, the Khan were now left at half of their power. “From now on, the Khan will be reborn!” Typhoon stated. “Although we suffered a great loss, I believe that as long as we work together, the Khan will be returned to glory! Hell, it might even be better than before!” he exclaimed.

“I’m sorry My Lord. The years under Mist have been rough, we could do nothing but stand-by and watch as he drove us into the ground. We are very sorry to have disappointed you!” sighed a group of leaders, guilt plastered each of their faces. These leaders were the true pillars of the Khan, the most honorable bunch. However, even as they spoke, their gaze instinctively turned to Zephyr, who was seated there, calm and silent. If it were not for those that personally witnessed Zephyr’s true power, they would never have imagined the so-called ‘B*stard Prince’ to have grown so much.

“Zephyr my boy, the Khan has eradicated all evil within, you are safe now. What do you want to do?” Typhon asked Zephyr, sensing the gazes on him. “The men we captured last night have all committed suicide via poison. However, I believe they were men sent by the Sun! If my hunch is correct, the Sun would not let this event slide, they must be planning something!” Zephyr calmly spoke. “He’s right! The Sun would not let the Khan grow, not while they’re still at our necks to become the greatest clan in Starlight! Mist’s failure would only redouble their efforts!” Spout added in agreement. “It would seem that the road ahead of the Khan does not seem so peaceful,” a leader added, “Zenith is missing, Mist had betrayed us, we must have a leader! I propose that person to master Typhoon to reclaim his position as Lord Khan!”

“I’m too old, I do not qualify anymore. I am better off as an advisor. Let someone more worthy take over!” Typhoon stated while he turned his gaze to Zephyr. Seeing Typhoon look at him, Zephyr was stunned for a moment, but he understood nonetheless what Typhoon meant. “But grandfather, I believe Uncle Spout is to be a much better fit for the role!” Zephyr coughed, and gestured towards Spout, “Uncle Spout is a strong, fair, and honorable man! He is calm, collected, and wise! He is the best choice!” he continued, unwilling to take on such a tedious role.

Hearing this, Spout’s expression soured slightly. The other leaders nodded in agreement with Zephyr. ‘This little fart, so much like his father!’ Spout thought to himself when he realized that there was no way out of it, even if he was unwilling to uphold the position. “Seeing how no one is objecting, it is settled then! From now on, Spout Khan will be the new Lord Khan!” Typhoon decided, his decision final. With that, the discussion was dismissed.