Chapter 6
“If I take 3 pills at once, the effects should be great! The average person wouldn’t be able to utilize it properly, but a Dragon’s Might might!”

“I have to do it… for Leah!” At the thought of Leah’s wellbeing, Zephyr no longer hesitated. He swallowed the three pills and felt it take into effect, it filled his gut with immense energy. Zephyr focused his mind, his breathing, his soul. He felt the energy as it accumulated and amalgamated with one another, united into a fiery blaze; much like a dragon’s fire, it engulfed his body and turned into scorching energy.

Zephyr felt a sudden surge of physical energy, and it turned his skin red hot. “Gah!” Zephyr howled painfully. He felt as though he was being torn into half, countless ink droplets emerged from his skin — the poison from the spirit pills, and other toxins within his body. He felt his body take blow after blow, Zephyr could not help but drop to his knees. The suffering was intense, he felt as though every organ in his body was being simultaneously crushed, even his soul seemed to be shaken.

“Dragon’s Might!” Zephyr called out, his soul unwavering. He bit his lip, endured the pain, and howled once more, all to maintain his Might. A whooshing sound surrounded him before he bursted into a terrible howl from within, a dragon’s roar, silencing all his trauma. Zephyr’s gaze intensified, it was as though a dragon lay behind his stare.

“Now!” Zephyr yelled, conjuring, and commanding the medicinal properties of the spirit pills, allowing his Might to absorb their essences. He felt his power rising, and broke into new highs, all he needed was that final push.

Zephyr let out a terrible howl as he focused his heart and soul into the Way, transcending the limits of his spirit. For a moment, Zephyr briefly felt like an ancient beast, a dragon, soaring over the lands below, limitless, with no equal. Zephyr felt something change within him, like a sixth sense conjured out of nothingness. He knew what he had to- no, what he could do.

‘Now!’ Zephyr thought, immediately focused on absorbing the energies- nay, the true energies. True energy revolved around him and entered him, it spread throughout his body. The feeling of limitless energy sharpened his mind and spirit, strengthened his body, and brightened his soul. Zephyr could not help but felt his heart beat profusely, with no intent of slowing down.

He felt as if a trance had taken over him, a trance that lasted an entire day.

The next morning, sunlight shone through the many holes of his roof, Zephyr bathed in its rays. As the light hit his body, only then did he start to move slightly.

“What? Only five silver coins? Madame, are you mistaken? I worked my hours accordingly, it should be 10 pieces! How could it be this little?” Leah asked with an utterly confused look. She stared quizzically at the large lady before her. Her voice was meek. She looked to her fellow handmaidens beside her, with an expression that begged them for help. Sadly, the other girls only looked at her with mockery.

“Heh, do you think you are worth 10 silver coins? You’re lucky to even get half! Be glad that I’m a compassionate woman, now take your money and go!” Madame Lee exclaimed in a mocking tone.

“You hobo, Madame Lee has given you so much! How much more do you want? Have you even considered what you were!?”

“Don’t say that, she is the young master’s personal servant after all, of course she’d be entitled.”

“Ha! Too bad her master’s a Bastard Prince!”


The other servants all laughed while they mocked her and Zephyr.

“How… How dare you! Shut up! Zephyr is not a bastard!” Leah yelled through gritted teeth. Her face was red from the humiliation she and Zephyr endured.

“Enough!” commanded Madame Lee. She turned her gaze to Leah, “Do you really need us to prove to you that he’s a bastard? Just take your money and go!” she said with a wicked smile. “Honestly, I can’t stand looking at you. You’re right, I gave you half your wages on purpose. What are you gonna do about it, bite me?” jeered Madame Lee.