Chapter 70
“All hail Spout Khan, the new Lord Khan!”

“Under Spout’s leadership, the Khan will prosper!”

“Everyone will follow Spout Khan!”

Many Khan leaders cheered, faces full of smiles, Spout Khan was a popular man. However, Spout maintained a stoic look, he knew he could not reject the role at this point.


It was at this moment, in the midst of hearty laughter and premature celebrations of the Khan leaders, that a guard hastily entered the hall, his face full of sweat. “What’s happening? What’s gotten into you?” Typhoon asked. “My Lord, Lincoln has fled Khan grounds!” the guard replied.


“That b*stard!”

The Khan leaders’ expressions changed dramatically. Zephyr did not wait to join them, he quickly sped out of the room, quick as lightning. The hatred that Zephyr had in his previous life, carried over. It was a curse he must bear. A curse of knowledge. Knowing if it was not for Lincoln, Leah would not have killed herself. If it was not for Lincoln, he would not have suffered so greatly, he would not have lost his fighting capability. One way or another, Lincoln will die. “Ugh, I was too careless! I should’ve planned for his eventual escape!” Zephyr sighed.

“Have you found any traces of Lincoln?” Spout approached with a small militia. “Not yet! Lincoln had prepared for this… I suspect he was responsible for poisoning the wine last night too,” Zephyr replied, his fists clenched. “Me too. This b*stard, he’s been using the Khan resources for so long and now he just ups and leaves!” Spout cursed, “He’s a vengeful b*stard, we can’t let him escape. He will become a bigger threat to us!”

Zephyr’s demeanor changed, “Don’t worry, I will chase him to the ends of the Earth and kill him myself!” Hearing Zephyr’s Hellish tone, Spout could not help but be shocked. Was Zephyr being too angry? How much did he hate Lincoln?

A loud boom erupted out of thin air, Typhoon appeared soon after. “Father, have you found him?” Spout asked, hopeful. Typhoon’s expression was firm, “We’ve found him. Apparently, he was a Sun all along!” he said quietly.



The hall erupted at the mention of this. After all, Lincoln had been the personally hired medicine man of the Khan for a long while now, everyone knew him. How could no one have realized he was a Sun?

“That may not be the case! Although, we must not let him off the hook! When we chased Lincoln, the b*stard fled into Sun grounds,” Typhoon continued, furious. The Khan had spent a great fortune on Lincoln, and yet, he was nothing more than a traitorous turncoat. “I demand a parlay with the Sun!” Spout commanded.

“Stop!” Typhoon shouted after.

“Father, we can’t let this slide! Lincoln must be a consort of the Sun! I’d like to see them explain that!” Spout immediately retorted.

“If the Sun wished to protect Lincoln, they would have an excuse for it. However, Lincoln is someone I must kill! Uncle Spout, let’s go negotiate, shall we?” said Zephyr with a wry smile. “Oh?” seeing Zephyr’s expression, Typhoon was curious as to his sudden disposition, “Zephyr my boy, do you have a plan?”