Chapter 71
“It isn’t that great of a plan, but our chances of killing Lincoln will be high…” Zephyr said quietly, while his lips twitched upwards. He then quietly told all who were present. “That’s barbaric!” expressed everyone, shocked at Zephyr’s cruelty. Spout was the most taken aback by Zephyr’s barbarism. “Heh heh…” Zephyr chuckled as he further frightened those he sent his gaze to.

The next day, a party stood before the Sun gates. “Zephyr boy, are you certain this will work?” A worried expression appeared on Spout’s face. “Don’t worry! I guarantee it!” Zephyr replied, smiling confidently. As they chatted, the gates opened, revealing a line of men who approached with stride. Their leader was the first to speak, “Oh if it isn’t lord Spout Khan himself! What brings you here, my good sir!”

The man was probably in his 50s, his head was round and his ears were big, complimenting his fat physique. His fat face was disgusting to look at. However, Zephyr knew that there was more to him than his looks, for he exuded great power. Judging from his words, he seems to know a great deal of Khan business, proving his spies were still in the Khan. “Heh heh, master Sun, please forgive my intrusion. There isn’t anything serious, all I seek is a fine parlay with you to commemorate my rise to the Khan,” Spout spoke pleasantly, then greeted him.

Sylvester Sun was the current lord of the Sun clan. To most, he was nothing more than a fat b*stard, but Zephyr knew he held great power within; a Strength of level nine. In fact, he would soon be an Agile fighter. “Oh my, is that not the Khan b*stard? Why is he here?” said a young fellow who stood beside Sylvester. His gaze was trivial. “Silence! Do not be rude!” Sylvester scolded the young man. He turned his gaze back to Spout with an apologetic look, “Master Spout, please forgive us. It is our fault for not disciplining this one.” Although his words were sweet, many could tell he did not mean them. Zephyr was still a b*stard to them.

“Tsk. He is a b*stard. He’s trained for over ten years and yet he’s still a Strength of level four! I say it as it is!” muttered Sheldon Sun, quietly. Though, Zephyr and his company heard it all nonetheless. Zephyr glared at Sheldon, but said nothing of it. He however, learned two things from this. Zephyr learned that the Sun Klan was still unaware of his true power. He scanned the Sun men and mulled over them. Before they knew it, they had arrived at the Sun palace.

After a round of pleasantries, Spout finally revealed his intention. “Master Sun, I believe you are aware of what had transpired in my home.” He continued, “A few days ago, our medicine man, Lincoln, fled Khan grounds. I hadn’t expected him to flee to the Sun.” He pressed on, “Lincoln is a vile, and wicked man. To prevent any future issues, please allow us to persecute him!” Spout declared.

Sylvester felt uneasy. “Oh this is a grave situation indeed! But you must know, a medicine man is important!” He continued, “With a medicine man, the Sun will grow and prosper quickly! Even—” At this point Sheldon cut into the conversation. “Hmph, us Sun provided a higher fee than you Khan. For Lincoln to come to us is only natural.” Sheldon Sun’s attitude was out of line, the Khan were not pleased.

“Master Sun, do you not wish to give Lincoln?” Zephyr asked coldly, eyeing Sylvester. “Heh heh, I’m sorry, but no,” Sylvester replied. “Alright then! However, may we speak with him? Once we’re done, we will drop this subject henceforth. Do you allow it?” Zephyr asked calmly.

Sylvester Sun frowned, unsure of what to do, questioning the integrity of the rumors of Zephyr’s weakness. “There… is no problem at all!” Sylvester replied, unable to deny his request. He summoned Lincoln.