Chapter 73
“What should I do with you? Although the Khan have not been in Starlight for long, their power is not to be underestimated. Their history is mysterious. They’ve only been here for about 200 years and yet are close to catching up with our thousands of years of development. We must not take them lightly!” said Sylvester sternly while he sipped his tea thereafter. “Mister and master Sun, if there isn’t any need for me, I will take my leave now,” Lincoln said respectfully. He was not pleased to bend so low but what choice did he have? He could not be so frivolous like he did with the Khan anymore. “You may leave,” said Sheldon. “Lincoln, you are smart in knowing to follow the Sun. As long as you do your job well, we will reward you greatly!” he continued, the Sun disregarded Lincoln’s identity as their medicine man. “Yes My Lord, thank you!” Lincoln replied earnestly.

Although Lincoln was respectful, he was begrudgingly so. “Hmph, he is nothing but a Khan lapdog, what right does he have to be so entitled with us?” Sheldon chided when he watched Lincoln leave. “We already have two medicine men, if it weren’t for our need to topple the Khan, we would never have accepted him! However, we mustn't let our enemies know our true intentions yet,” Sylvester replied.

“Damn the Sun! They didn’t even acknowledge my greatness! I am nothing but a Khan tool to them, to Hell with them!” Lincoln cursed after he left the hall. However, the thought of becoming an Agile led him to calm his nerves. ‘Once I reach an Agile, the Sun will never look down on me again! I will just pack up and leave, my strength level and my skills are enough to get me anywhere!’ Lincoln thought. As he was too busy thinking about his future, Lincoln did not notice a man that exited his room. The collision between the both of them was rushed. The person who knocked into Lincoln’s strong and solid body could not help but yelp in pain. “How dare you, do you not have eyes… oh, it’s you?” Lincoln’s tone changed as quickly as his words.

Before him stood a roughly twenty-five year old lady with beautiful feathers and lovely shapes. Her round eyes glistened at the sight of Lincoln, but did not betray the maturity of her womanly features. Her frightened look would lead any man to want her. Just like that, the feeling of annoyance from the collision quickly soothed his frustrated mind.

Lincoln knew the woman before him, for he was a wife of Sheldon, Renesmee. He was Sheldon’s favourite. Although Lincoln was a lustful man, he would not dare lay his hands on her, this was because he still needed the Sun’s protection. However, Lincoln still desired her. He wanted her.

“Master Lincoln, I am so sorry, are you alright?”